Spirometry testing at PHU

Spirometry testing at PHU

This is a polite reminder that all practices or PCNs should now be offering Spirometry for their patients  as per the British Thoracic Society Restarting Spirometry (1).pdf and CQC guidance GP mythbuster 83: Spirometry in general practice | CQC Public Website.

PHU, Physiology dept is only able to provide complex lung testing including CPET for inpatient and outpatient services.

  • Please do not refer patients to secondary care services for spirometry testing (this includes diagnostic spirometry, spirometry testing to assess disease control at annual reviews and spirometry testing to assess the cause of a symptomatic deterioration in patients with known airways disease).
  • Please do not routinely refer patients to secondary care services for FeNO testing where this is not available in your surgery (spirometry with bronchodilator reversibility and PEF may be performed followed by a trial of ICS treatment where relevant).

Referrals that do not include details of recent spirometry testing (and PEF testing where relevant) will be rejected


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