COVID19 VACCINATION core knowledge program

COVID19 VACCINATION core knowledge program

E learning for Healthcare have now uploaded their CORE learning module for the Covid immunisation program. This learning is the covid immunisation foundation learning and will need to be supported by vaccination specific learning when they have that detail available.

The site recommends that you allow yourselves 90 minutes to complete the core learning and assessment. The first slides (49 slides) provide knowledge about the disease and vaccination process/ eligibility. There are hyperlinks to the Green Book etc, therefore please allow yourselves time to explore all the reading. 

Following the core knowledge program, you will need to click on the assessment (13 slides) and it is expected that you achieve 100%.  Following successful completion, you will be able to download a certificate. 

The E Learning program is for any practitioner who meet the standards of being an immuniser.

See National immunisation standards *these are available for both registered and unregistered staff.

Therefore, the E learning program is ideal for our current immuniser workforce and returning registered practitioners who met the criteria for vaccination training. 

You will note that if you meet the standards but are new to vaccinations you will require two further programs, the specific vaccination learning with everyone else, and practical training and sign off competency.

Existing registered immunisers will only need the vaccine specific learning and can self-assess using the competency form.
Existing experienced HCA immunisers will also need the vaccine specific training and can be assessed by their registered practitioner supervisor with the competency form. 

  • see competency form attached 

Please see the link below to access the core learning and assessment.

This e-learning programme provides theoretical training. Those new to, or returning to vaccination after a prolonged period, will also require face to face practical training in vaccine administration and assessment and competency sign-off before administering the COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccinators should also have completed Basic Life Support and anaphylaxis training and any Statutory and Mandatory training required by their employer.

Julia O'Mara 
Primary Care Nurse Advisor Portsmouth CCG

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pdf COVID Core competency assessment tool (180 KB)


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