Mapping of Consultant Connect and SDEC

Mapping of Consultant Connect and SDEC

Sometimes it is unclear which service to contact when wishing to discuss a patient who needs additional clinical input from the acute specialist service. In order to support those discussions please see embedded summary of the 3 key levels of input for various specialties depending on the urgency that the situation needs (based on a traffic light system)

Green - Advice and Guidance

  • To be used in a non-urgent situation, when a GP has exhausted all available primary care management options and wants to seek advice from secondary care on next steps. Available for all specialities.

Amber – Same Day Emergency Care

  • To be used for an urgent situation but is NOT an emergency. Available for specialties indicated.

Red – Consultant Connect

  • To be used only for an emergency situation about a patient who you would otherwise admit. Available for specialties indicated


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