EPS and eRD

Electronic repeat dispensing

The NHSBSA will be highlighting those patients who could be appropriate for eRD. The aim is to provide GP practices with the NHS numbers of patients who have had the same medicines dispensed (with no changes) for the previous 12 months. AHSN have compiled the slide pack below to guide practices through this process.

document ERD in response to Covid19 March 2020 (2.55 MB)

The main priority is to ensure that patients are part of the electronic prescribing service (EPS). Once this has been achieved, practices could consider transferring any suitable patients to eRD. Please follow the guidance around this that was previously issued and ask for clarification from your Medicines Optimisation Team if unsure.

It is very important that the eRD  prescription is post-dated to when the patient's last issue is due to run out, so that the workload is spread out, rather than all eRD prescriptions arriving at the pharmacy on the day they are changed over.

Medication quantities should be standardised to equal a 28 day supply (or 56 days where applicable) and duration needs to be synchronised so each repeat item has the same duration i.e.13 x 28 issues for a year’s supply.

Exclusion criteria – The following medicines are NOT suitable or eligible for eRD

  • Controlled drugs (including temazepam and tramadol).
  • Benzodiazepines.
  • Hypnotics.
  • Drugs which require close and careful monitoring e.g. methotrexate.
  • Unlicensed medicines