Portsmouth CCG

Summary of ALL latest updates

23:45:15 - 20.01.2022

Update to PRRT referral form on SystmOne

The existing Rehab & Reablement referral form has been updated and renamed to ‘Urgent Community Response (PRRT)’ to reflect national terminology and service offer.

The PRRT service provides:

  1. A crisis response within 2 hours, to optimally manage patient crisis needs at home and avoid unnecessary admissions. The service is provided by a multi-disciplinary team to people in their usual place of residence with an urgent care need to prevent a hospital admission and involves an assessment (within 2-hours of referral, where appropriate) and short-term intervention

A reablement response within 48 hours to adults who have a health or social care need, including needs arising from dementia, offering short term stabilisation, rehabilitation, and reablement to maximise independence, and involves an assessment and short-term intervention in the patient’s usual place of residence to achieve goals set with the individual


17:01:58 - 18.01.2022

Update on antiviral/neutralising MABs for vulnerable patients

Update on the new COVID-19 treatments available for patients in the highest risk categories in our community following briefing shared in December.

Referral form is available on Ardens.

document Update on antiviral neutralising MABs for vulnerable patients (220 KB)

16:59:47 - 18.01.2022

New Portsmouth SEMH guidance for children and young people

Details of new guidance for children and young people's social, emotional and mental health (SEMH).  This has been produced for a range of areas of concern and is tailored for children aged 5-11 and young people aged 11-16. It describes the different criteria for SEMH support services and the self-help resources available both locally and nationally.  There are also details of webinars in the coming weeks that will give an overview and walk through of the SEMH guidance. 

Hard copies are available, please contact the service direct -Stuart McDowell, Commissioning Project Manager, Integrated Children's Commissioning Team, PCCG & PCC

T:023 92688711

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

document New Portsmouth SEMH guidance for children and young people (407 KB)

16:56:27 - 18.01.2022

Audiology Referrals for Hearing Aid Fitting 

We have been made aware that a number of recent audiology referrals have had to be rejected due to impacted ear wax.

To help us manage this, please could we ask practices to advise patients, at the point of referral, that they will not be able to have their hearing aid fitted unless their ears are clear of wax.  Please provide patients with advice on how they can manage this themselves.  (Recommendation to a patient is to purchase olive oil ear drops or sodium bicarbonate 5% ear drops.  If symptoms persist, consider ear irrigation using an electronic irrigator providing that there are no contraindications).  Please see attached “Removal of Ear Wax Pathway” for further details.

Also attached is a patient information leaflet, which you might want to give the patient to support these discussions.  The leaflet was co-produced with Portsmouth Hospitals but applies to all audiology services within our patch.

We will also be asking the provider to make contact with the patient, ahead of their appointment, to ensure they have followed this advice.

Thank you for your continued support.

pdf PHU managing ear wax (354 KB)

document Removal of Ear Wax Pathway (61 KB)

17:27:17 - 13.01.2022

Changes to the process of tasking GPs - Immedicare

Please note a small change to the process of tasking GPs for immedicare.

Any queries please contact the service direct, details below:

Annabelle Smith, Contract Performance Manager

07740 175452

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

document Changes to the process of tasking GPs Immedicare (46 KB)

17:25:45 - 13.01.2022

Parenting Offer and Triple P Discussion Group Posters

Please find attached the parenting offer and discussion group posters for this upcoming term.

document Parenting Offer January 2022 (7.29 MB)

17:24:21 - 13.01.2022

PMA Webinars | Join us and Wesleyan on 10th February at 19:00 for a free update on the NHS Pension Scheme and Pension Age Discrimination

In conjunction with your local Wesleyan Financial Services Consultant, we would like to invite you to a free- to-attend webinar on Thursday 10th February at 19:00.

This webinar is designed for medical professionals to improve your understanding of the NHS Pension Scheme and Pension Age Discrimination (sometimes referred to as the McCloud judgement) and how this could impact your future. It will be hosted by Wesleyan Financial Services Consultants.

document PMA Webinars, Join us and Wesleyan on 10th February at 1900 for a free update on the NHS Pension Scheme and Pension Age Discrimination (83 KB)

08:11:59 - 13.01.2022

Free Training on Adverse Childhood Experiences

An offer of free training on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and how it can result in trauma which can negatively impact a person throughout their whole life.  The training explains how to support patients in a trauma informed way, for more positive outcomes.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Donna Jones, has been awarded Home Office funding to deliver a Trauma Informed Training Programme until March 2022.  This programme includes the offer of free on-line training (via zoom) designed exclusively for GPs and GP Practice Staff.  The training is 3.5hrs long and provided by WAVE Trust, a credible, trauma informed training provider. Staff from the same GP practice do not need to attend the same session.  

Please find attached the link to register and the expected learning outcomes.

Six dates are offered between February and March 2022.

This training is free as it is already funded by the Home Office through the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Violence Reduction Unit (VRU).

When you register, please note the section explaining how personal data will be used.   

We believe that embedding trauma informed practice across public services will help people live happier, healthier, crime-free lives, and in the longer term also reduce demand across public services.

Group 6: Trauma-informed Training for GPs and staff Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

08:09:00 - 13.01.2022

Safeguarding Children & Covid 19

Please see attached letter from the Department of Education, seeking the support of health to ensure that as a safeguarding partner, we are collaborating with colleagues to develop plans that respond to the vulnerabilities facing children who have disengaged from education or who do not return after the school holidays.

The detail in the letter reflects much of the work implemented during the initial COVID phase when schools worked with other relevant agencies, including health visitors, school nurses, GPs and midwives to share intelligence and information so that support was targeted to the right children and families.

pdf Letter from Indra Morris Keeping children and young people safe this winter (165 KB)

18:22:43 - 06.01.2022

Thrombocytopaenia in patients with ITP after COVID vaccination

Please could you bring the attached to the attention of all practice staff who might receive requests from patients to arrange urgent blood tests..  The COVID vaccination service will be attempting to identify relevant patients when they attend and advise them to contact their practice to make the necessary arrangements.

document Thrombocytopaenia in patients with ITP after COVID vaccination (13 KB)

18:20:12 - 06.01.2022

Changes to the Gastroenterology Pathway – PHU Trust

After a short period of trialling, all referrals to Gastro via Referral Assessment Service, the department has taken the decision to change back to Advice and Guidance for routine gastro appointments.

The department will continue to book patients into upper and lower GI clinics without sending back to GP’s – which was the benefit of the RAS – but the advice and guidance feature which was lost with the change to RAS will now be made available to GPs again.  The 2ww/IDA pathway will remain a referral assessment service.

Both services can be found on eRS as follows:

  • Medical Gastroenterology Advice and Guidance-PHU-RHU                                                     
  • 2WW Medical Gastroenterology RAS (Upper GI and IDA Proforma)-PHU-RHU       

This change will come in place on Monday 10th January 2022

16:54:28 - 05.01.2022

Healthier Together app - live and being rolled out across HIOW

Details have been circulated to practice leads direct.

document Healthier Together app (16 KB)

document Healthier Together app PCN offer HIOW Dec 2021 (5.61 MB)


16:53:04 - 05.01.2022

Every Action Counts

A quick reminder of the Every Action Counts resources available at Coronavirus » Every action counts (england.nhs.uk)  to support good practice in COVID-19 infection prevention and control.  There is a particularly useful primary and community care risk assessment tool (24 Dec 2021) that practices can use to review their current set up and practice.

16:51:51 - 05.01.2022

Victim Support's Safe Spaces Service

Details of a new support service for adult victims of church abuse, both historic and recent, launched by the Church of England and the Catholic Church of England and Wales. 

document Victim Support safe spaces service (1017 KB)


16:50:16 - 05.01.2022

HSAB Financial Abuse Awareness Session - 19 Jan 22

You will be aware that the HSAB provides a fully funded training programme which is open to all colleagues from multiagency partners and organisations across Hampshire.  This programme, training materials and the link to make a booking can all be accessed from this page: 

Our next virtual session is on Financial Abuse Awareness.  This session aims to raise awareness of different types of financial abuse, including cybercrime, fraud, and scams. It includes the following:  

  • Fraud and cybercrime – Hampshire Police
  • ‘Loansharks’ – The Illegal Money Lending Team
  • What Banks can do to help – Barclays Bank

This session is a repeat of one that was delivered in June 2021. 

HSAB Learning Zone | Hampshire Safeguarding Adults Board (hampshiresab.org.uk)

16:48:54 - 05.01.2022

Social Prescribing Link Worker Webinar Series: Reducing Health Inequalities, 19 January 2022 1:30pm – 2:30pm

FAO PCN Directors and Social Prescribers, please forward as necessary

For this webinar we are delighted to have a range of speakers from social prescribing, sharing examples of the valuable work link workers (SPLW’s) are engaged with, in their local communities, to tackle health inequalities and the social causes of poor health at the individual level.

We will also be joined by a member of the NHS England and Improvement Health Inequalities Team to share with us the Core20PLUS5 – A national NHS England and NHS Improvement approach to support the reduction of health inequalities at both national and system level. The approach defines a target population cohort – the ‘Core20PLUS’ – and identifies ‘5’ focus clinical areas requiring accelerated improvement.

Social Prescribing Link Worker Webinar Series: Reducing Health Inequalities (england.nhs.uk)

pdf Core20plus5 a4 infographic 1 61c49270a3085 (335 KB)

16:46:52 - 05.01.2022

Learning Together Week - 17th January

The National Safeguarding team have devised a week of online safeguarding sessions for the week commencing 17th January.

Please see attached, to book on any of the available one hour lunchtime learning sessions. 

pdf Learning together week v1 2docx (115 KB)

16:45:10 - 05.01.2022

Promotion of HEE Knowledge and Library Hub - a new, free platform for the NHS in England

The new Health Education England funded NHS Knowledge and Library Hub is a ‘one-stop’ gateway which, for the first time nationally, connects NHS staff and learners seamlessly to a significant range of free, high-quality knowledge and evidence resources, services, tools and databases, all in one place.

Content of the easy-to-use platform includes over 7,000 journals, e-books - including OUP handbooks, clinical decision support tools - such as BMJ Best Practice, NICE pathways and guidelines and clinical and medical databases.

Accessed via OpenAthens, users will be able to tap into the same system wherever their career takes them.

document HEE Knowldge and Library Hub (82 KB)

12:27:46 - 23.12.2021

Tackling Serious Violence - County Lines & Coercive Internal Concealment Rapid Reads

Please see attached two linked rapid reads on ‘County Lines’ that have been produced by the Tackling Serious Violence Clinical Reference Group (TSV CRG).  Please share the attached resources as appropriate to raise awareness of county lines as we prepare for the upcoming festivities, as there is a risk that county lines activity may rise during this holiday period.

pdf Coercive Internal Concealment RR (98 KB)

pdf County Lines Intro RR (002) (98 KB)


12:26:15 - 23.12.2021

Trauma Informed Training Dates

Please find attached new dates released between Jan and March 2022 for free ACE/Trauma Training for professionals aged 18 plus across Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton.  This also includes the link to register and learning outcomes.  Training will be provided by WAVE Trust, a credible, trauma informed training provider.  A variety of dates are offered and we hope you can find a date and time that suits you (please click on the Eventbrite link and ‘select a date’). 

We suggest registering as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.   To cater for different levels of understanding of being ‘Trauma Informed’, WAVE Trust are offering each person registering the choice of a foundation course or a more advanced course, relevant to their sector.   Please feel free to register for both the foundation and advanced course if you wish.  We have found that many people who do the first session are keen to go on to the second level.  All courses will be accessed through ZOOM and are 3.5hrs long.

spreadsheet WAVE Trust training dates and details Groups 1 4 (Jan Mar 2022) (10 KB)

16:50:04 - 16.12.2021

Helping NHS colleagues stay healthy and well in work

A new online resource aimed at helping NHS and Primary Care colleagues in Hampshire and Isle of Wight support their wellbeing is now available.

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight (HIOW) Health & Wellbeing programme team has launched The People Portal – an online resource with free health and wellbeing advice, tips and local services: www.hiowpeople.nhs.uk/ccc/hiow.

And if NHS colleagues need support with issues such as stress, physical health, nutrition or exercise, from 1 January 2022 they can also call local expert advisors through its Health & Wellbeing Support Service on 0300 772 7099, the phone line is open 9am-4.30pm Monday to Friday or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.



16:48:44 - 16.12.2021

Omicron Response: Screening & Immunisations in Primary Care

In light of the recent guidance in relation to the Omicron response both in terms of the vaccination programme and the wider system readiness, I wanted to draw your attention to a number of points, in order to avert any potential confusion:

  1. The Impact and Investment fund points in relation to flu remain in place, and the expectation is that practices will continue to deliver the flu programme alongside the covid-19 vaccination programme.
  2. The ‘C1487 - Preparing the NHS for the potential impact of the Omicron Variant and other winter pressures letter’ says, on page 9, Cancer: local systems should stress test their plans to confirm that the elements that helped to sustain cancer services in previous waves are in place, and to ensure that: • rapid access, including tests and checks for patients with suspected cancer, as well as screening services, are maintained.   That includes taking cervical samples in primary care.

The QOF points for cervical screening and routine childhood immunisation programmes remain in place to reinforce the expectation that the programmes should continue to be delivered.

16:47:41 - 16.12.2021

Portsmouth CCG Safeguarding Newsletter

Please find attached the December newsletter.

document Dec2021 newsletter (994 KB)


16:46:20 - 16.12.2021

Christmas & New Year Bank Holiday Posters 2021/22

Community pharmacy opening hours over the festive bank holidays in Portsmouth attached.  Up to date information is maintained at https://www.england.nhs.uk/south-east/our-work/pharmacy-opening-hours/

pdf Hampshire Pharmacy Opening Times Dec 21 Jan 22 (453 KB)

17:49:03 - 14.12.2021

Medical Examiner system to be extended to all UK deaths

The Health and Care Bill 2021-22 is currently passing through Parliament which, in 2022, will introduce a statutory Medical Examiner system within the NHS in England, for the purpose of scrutinising all deaths which do not involve a coroner. In anticipation of this change in the law, the Medical Examiner (ME) office hosted in QAH is recruiting MEs and rolling out the system from the Acute Trust into the wider community. Deaths from the Rowans Hospice are already reviewed as will those inpatient deaths from Solent NHS Trust in December. A pilot with a Portsmouth GP Practice is being planned for early 2022. We would welcome contact with any more Practices interested in taking part in the roll out.



17:47:33 - 14.12.2021

Community Pharmacy - Oral Contraception Management Service (OCMS) Pilot and the Hypertension Case Finding Service (HCFS)

Please see the attached information regarding the Oral Contraception Management Service (OCMS) in Community Pharmacy pilot and the Community Pharmacy Hypertension Case Finding Service (HCFS), you will also find links to a number of resources available via the attached document.

Please share this information with the relevant staff within your practice i.e. workflow clerks, clinicians and care navigators etc.

document OCMS HCFS Primary care comms (22 KB)


16:07:47 - 09.12.2021

Referral pathway for suspected Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA)

Following recent feedback from primary care around delays to the IDA pathway it has come to light that an old referral form called “Portsmouth Iron Deficiency Clinic Referral Form” is still in circulation. We have asked Ardens to archive the form but please be mindful that it may still appear in the practice recently used forms section which will need manual removal by each practice.

The correct form to use is the attached 2WW Upper GI referral form. The launch of the Gastroenterology Referral Assessment Service should also help with ensuring the correct service is chosen at the point of referral. As a reminder, the referral options with immediate effect are:

  • Medical Gastroenterology RAS-PHU-RHU                                                             
  • 2WW Medical Gastroenterology RAS (Upper GI and IDA Proforma)-PHU-RHU       

document Portsmouth Iron Deficiency Clinic Referral Form updated 071020 OLD FORM DO NOT USE 30 11 21 (43 KB)

document Upper GI 2WW Referral (65 KB)


13:11:51 - 07.12.2021

FSRH Clinical Effectiveness Unit statement on extended use of LARC - November 2021

As a result of the COVID-19 vaccination programme, the risk/benefit balance for LARC procedures has now shifted and routine extended use of LARC is not recommended. Individuals should be advised to attend for LARC removal/replacement at 3 years (Nexplanon), 5 years (Mirena), 6 years (Levosert – note the licence for Levosert has been extended to 6 years), and 10 years (10-year copper IUDs).


08:22:37 - 03.12.2021

A SystmOne Tasks SOP & SystmOne Task Recipient User Group Updated Documents - for action

s agreed and signed off at the TPP User Group last week please see attached the updated SystmOne Tasks SOP and SystmOne Task Recipient User Group document.

The SOP outlines the procedure for when sending tasks between organisations and ensuring tasks are not sent to individually named people but agreed user groups.  All practices need to ensure they have an internal process for managing tasks and for those which have been unassigned or sent to individuals.  In these instances for any Solent tasks incorrectly sent there is a process outlined in the SOP where a preset message for replying to the sender has been agreed, along with sending a separate task to the senders organisation admin group, you can set up a task template for this (instructions attached).    

The SystmOne Task Recipient User Group document lists all of the agreed user groups, you need to ensure you have these set up within your practice.

Please share this with all staff within your practice who deals with SystmOne tasks.

document SystmOne Tasks SOP v5 updated December 2021 (30 KB)

document SystmOne Task Recipient User Groups v3 updated December 2021 (18 KB)

document Task Template instructions (57 KB)

08:20:42 - 03.12.2021

Access to record data - Additional webinars available

Additional webinars are now available to book for getting patients ready to have access to their future data.  Please follow the link set out below.

The webinars are aimed for GP operational staff and Primary care commissioners.


08:19:51 - 03.12.2021

Community Pharmacy - Change of Ownership

From the 1st of December 2021, the pharmacy at 67 Milton Road, PO3 6AN will change ownership from Lloyds Pharmacy ODS: FAQ52 to Lalys Pharmacy ODS: FNH78.

The opening hours remain the same.

The SystmOne CCG Contacts address book has been updated.

08:19:09 - 03.12.2021

Urgent Community Response (UCR)

The Portsmouth Rehabilitation & Reablement Team (PRRT) have enhanced their existing offer of an Urgent Community Response (UCR) within two-hours to keep people safe in their own home and prevent hospital admissions. Please read the attached service information sheet and poster for full details of the UCR offer including referral criteria and contact information.

pdf UCR Service Info Sheet (241 KB)

image Urgent Community Response Poster (508 KB)

12:49:42 - 30.11.2021

Publication of Safeguarding Adults Review 'YL'

The Portsmouth Safeguarding Adults Board has published a Safeguarding Adults Review of the case of 'YL' last week.  

The review report and a summary for professionals is available on the PSAB website here.

The chair of Portsmouth Safeguarding Adults Board, David Goosey, said:

"This review was commissioned following the tragic death of YL, a daughter, granddaughter and a mother to a young child.

"It concludes that, although the death was not linked to abuse or neglect, there are lessons to be learned, including how services in the city can work together more effectively to support adults with complex mental health conditions and their families.

"Many improvements have already been made and an action plan is being put in place to address other lessons identified.

"We offer our deepest sympathies to the family of YL and others who knew her."

Please share the information about the review with your colleagues and encourage staff to read the summary and consider how they can incorporate the learning into their future practice.

11:40:07 - 26.11.2021

Important Update - to Accelerated Records Access Programme

Please note that GP practice clinical systems will not go live in December 2021 with system changes to provide all patients with access to their future data.

This change will now occur in April 2022 and will apply to all practices using TPP and EMIS systems. Arrangements with practices that use Vision as the clinical system are under discussion.

This is in response to issues raised by general practices that further time is needed to prepare staff for the changes and to provide training on ensuring sensitive information is hidden from patient view as it’s entered on systems.

We also aim to enable patients to request their historic coded records from 2022 through the NHS App.

Further information can be found here:  https://digital.nhs.uk/services/nhs-app/nhs-app-guidance-for-gp-practices/accelerating-patient-access-to-their-record


11:38:54 - 26.11.2021

Looked after Children week 6th December

Colleagues across South East Region Designated Health Professionals for Looked after Children and Care Leavers are delighted to invite you to a series of webinars focusing on what makes a difference to the children and young people in our care.  These sessions are open to all health and social care staff, so please share this email with your colleagues.

Please find attached a programme containing joining instructions. We look forward to you joining us for an exciting and informative week.

document Programme Looked After Children and Care Leavers Week Commencing 6th Dec with links (125 KB)


11:37:53 - 26.11.2021

The Harbour - Peer Led Crisis Support Service

Please find attached the electronic poster for this new service.

The Harbour is an out of hours mental health service for anyone over the age of 18 in Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport, Havant & East Hampshire. The service is also available to carers and loved ones.

The Harbour provides short term support for people struggling with their mental health and can introduce service users to other support services for ongoing recovery if required.  The team comprises of those who have experienced mental health challenges themselves and have accessed our local health services.

Please share with your teams and patients.

pdf The Harbour A5 flyer Final 14Sep2021 (3.32 MB)

11:36:33 - 26.11.2021

e-RS Release 11.2 - Friday 3 December 2021 (subject to final testing)

Details of an upcoming e-RS release and the plans to change the date shown to patients on RAS/ASI letters.  Please consider this date change in the context of keeping patients informed of their referral and make any changes to your business processes, if required.

document E RS Release 11 2 Friday 3 December 2021 (subject to final testing) (13 KB)



14:18:58 - 25.11.2021

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust Gastroenterology RAS

The Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust Gastroenterology Service will be moving from an Advice & Guidance (A&G) Service to a Referral Assessment Service (RAS) from Monday 29th November 2021

The benefits of a RAS are as follows:

  • The department has the ability to change the service as part of triage – currently this task sits with primary care and happens in 50% of A&G requests
  • When sending straight to test, the test date will be visible to the referrer, the patient and the outpatient booking team
  • This will bring the service in line with other existing abdominal RAS specialities e.g. Upper GI

You will still be able to request advice from the department, however more than one exchange will require a new UBRN to be raised.

There will be two referral assessment services to enable 2ww and routine to be kept separate:

  • Medical Gastroenterology RAS-PHU-RHU                                                             
  • 2WW Medical Gastroenterology RAS (Upper GI and IDA Proforma)-PHU-RHU       

Both will remain under the GI and Liver specialty and the clinic types/linked clinical terms will be the same as the current set up.      

If you need help finding the services please call the booking centre for assistance on 02392 681713

14:18:58 - 25.11.2021

Routine extended use of LARC is not recommended

As a result of the COVID-19 vaccination programme, the risk/benefit balance for LARC procedures has now shifted and routine extended use of LARC is not recommended. Individuals should be advised to attend for LARC removal/replacement at 3 years (Nexplanon), 5 years (Mirena), 6 years (Levosert – note the licence for Levosert has been extended to 6 years), and 10 years (10-year copper IUDs).


14:18:58 - 25.11.2021

Calling all implant fitters

Organon are hosting 3 Fitter Forums over the next three weeks:

There are three levels as follows:

  • New Fitters 25th November 7pm–8.30pm
  • Intermediate Fitters 7th December 7pm–8.30pm
  • Experienced Fitters 8th December 7pm–8.30pm

To register, please see attached pdf invitation (2.05 MB) for details.

15:27:09 - 23.11.2021

5 Min Update - Cancer Screening Updates SE Locality

5 minute updates and information leaflets that SE locality have produced and shared with their practices.

document Cervical Screening 5 min updates (175 KB)

document Bowel screening 5 min update (68 KB)


15:22:10 - 23.11.2021

PGD and National Protocol updates - Pfizer / Comirnaty Covid 19 vaccines

Links to the updated PGD/ Protocols for Pfizer and Cominarty which have just been published     





06:39:03 - 23.11.2021

Learning From Patient Safety Events

LFPSE – a reminder that all practices should be registered and recording events on this system now that NRLS has been discontinued.

As we move towards becoming an ICS it is really important we ensure we have something in place in Portsmouth where incidents and good practice in primary care are regularly recorded to avoid the introduction of additional local systems and requirements.  LFPSE will also be used in the future for the management of serious incidents.


06:36:17 - 23.11.2021

Quasar Update

Quasar Healthcare Professionals Feedback

Monthly Update - October 2021

pdf AI08 PCCG Quasar HCP Feedback Monthly Datapack 2021 09 Circulation (672 KB)

06:31:33 - 23.11.2021

For Action: Updated PGD : 20211013InactivatedInfluenzaPGDv10.00

Please find attached the following updated vaccine PGD:

  • 00 (Gateway number: GOV-10167).  This is to replace the PGD 20210723InactivatedInfluenzaPGDv09.00 (GOV-9226) on 15 October 2021

These PGD templates require organisational authorisation in line with HMR2012 before they are legally valid PGDs. Authorising organisations must not alter, amend or add to the clinical content of these documents (sections 4, 5 and 6); such action will invalidate the clinical sign-off with which it is provided. In addition authorising organisations must not alter section 3 ‘Characteristics of staff’. Only sections 2 and 7 can be completed within the editable fields.

Please could you ensure that these documents are made available to all staff who require them.

They will be available to download from the following link within the next few days:

NHS England and NHS Improvement South East » Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire PGD downloads

The national protocol will be available to view/download via:

Guidance overview: National protocol for inactivated influenza vaccine - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

pdf 20211013InactivatedInfluenzaPGDv10 00 (344 KB)

00:07:27 - 19.11.2021

Language Code

Please find up to date version of Prestige language codes for interpreter services.

pdf Prestigte Network TI Language Codes (522 KB)

00:06:15 - 19.11.2021

Webinar - IPC in the Community & Practice Nursing

Details of webinar to be held on Thursday 25th November at 1pm.  Promoting Multi-Morbidity reviews using a risk stratification framework and looking at the benefits of a holistic approach to long term condition management whilst utilising every member of the Multi-disciplinary team and reducing the frequency of appointments.

document Webinar IPC in the Community & Practice Nursing (162 KB)

00:04:29 - 19.11.2021

Breastfeeding Network Support Groups

Updated poster for display with updated details of local groups.

document Breastfeeding Network Support Groups (302 KB)

17:44:15 - 17.11.2021

Flyer - Looked After Children and Care Leavers Week - Commencing 6th December

The South East Region Designated Health Professionals for Looked after Children and Care Leavers are delighted to invite you to a series of webinars focusing on what makes a difference to the children and young people in our care.

The events are open to all health and social care colleagues, so please feel free to share amongst your colleagues.  Please find attached a flyer with details of daily events.

Joining instructions: Links to the webinars will be distributed shortly.

document Flyer Looked After Children and Care Leavers Week Commencing 6th December (26 KB)

17:43:08 - 17.11.2021

NICE - COVID-19 Rapid Guideline: Managing the Long-Term Effects of COVID-19

This guideline covers identifying, assessing and managing the long-term effects of COVID-19, often described as ‘long COVID’.  It makes recommendations about care in all healthcare settings for adults, children and young people who have new or ongoing symptoms 4 weeks or more after the start of acute COVID-19.  It also includes advice on organising services for long COVID.

This guideline has been developed jointly by NICE, the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

On 11 November, we made new recommendations and updated existing recommendations on identification; planning care; multidisciplinary rehabilitation; follow up, monitoring and discharge; and service organisation.  We also updated the list of common symptoms, emphasising that these may be different for children.”

See link for further details.


17:42:08 - 17.11.2021

Notification of Unplanned Temporary Suspension of Services: Tesco Pharmacy Portsmouth FJE83

We have received the notification below from Tesco Pharmacy North Harbour:

‘We are having to restrict our opening hours to 9am until 6pm, from 16/11/2021 until 27/11/2021.

This is because of severe staff shortages due to several colleagues being absent with Covid-19 illness…

We have notified local pharmacies and have returned all acute prescriptions back to the NHS spine.’

17:41:26 - 17.11.2021

Referral of Diabetic Men for Vasectomy in Solent

Updated guidance and referral forms.

document PCCG287b Referrals of men with diabetes for vasectomies Nov 2021 (50 KB)

17:40:17 - 17.11.2021

Carers Centre & You: How can we help?

Information for Carers Rights Day (25th November 2021) - new video resource launch.  Aiming to reach all unpaid carers in PO1-PO6.

It would be beneficial if surgeries were able to send a text to patients with the information - templates have been included.  If any surgeries would like to work directly with the Carers Centre this would be welcomed, contact details below;

Laura Pryde-Jarman (Project Officer).

Carers Centre, 117 OrchardRoad, Southsea, PO4 0AN.

Tel: 02392 851864

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

image Carers Centre and You launch flyer (97 KB)

document Carers Centre GP Patient Contact Text Templates (12 KB)

17:39:10 - 17.11.2021

UK Threat Level raised to SEVERE

You will have seen details of the incident outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital which occurred on Sunday, 14th November.  This event has been declared a terrorist incident.  Officers from Counter Terrorism North West are leading the investigation supported by Merseyside Police.  Three males have been arrested in Liverpool under the Terrorism Act. 

The Home Secretary following a meeting of JTAC (Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre: see link ) has announced that the threat level has been raised to SEVERE, meaning an attack is highly likely. 

This means there will be a visible increase in police activity at transport hubs and other areas where mass gathering may occur.  The priority at this time is to provide reassurance to the public and emphasise that people should remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity.   

We would ask you to please inform your relevant colleagues that they should be alert but not alarmed and report any suspicious activity to police using the 999 service, call the Anti-Terrorist Hotline 0800 789 321

You can continue to make Prevent referrals in the standard way using the National Referral Form. Community members can contact the Prevent advice line if they are concerned that someone may be vulnerable to being radicalised on 0800 011 3764.

14:18:58 - 16.11.2021

Vasectomy referrals update

Current guidance from the Centre for Perioperative Care (Guideline for Perioperative care for people with Diabetes Mellitus: March 2021) state that all patients referred for surgery should have their diabetes optimised prior to referral for elective surgery. All patients should have their HbA1C measured within 3 months of surgery and this should be < 69mmol/mol (8.5%).  If the HbA1C is >69mmol/mol, they should be referred for optimisation of their diabetes control prior to their elective surgery is undertaken. 

From 1/12/21, Solent NHS Trust’s vasectomy service will implement the following:

  • GPs must include an up to date (within 3 months of referral) HbA1C result.
  • All referrals of patients with HbA1C >69 mmol/mol will be rejected and patients will be asked to return to their GP for optimisation of their diabetic control before being referred back for a vasectomy.
  • If, in the future, self-referrals are accepted, any diabetic patient who self refers will be asked to see their GP for review of their diabetic control and only be accepted following a GP referral which satisfies the above criteria.
  • Men with persistent HbA1C levels persistently above 69mmol / mol, despite intervention of the GP and local diabetes service will only be accepted for a vasectomy in exceptional circumstances following discussion with clinical lead for vasectomy.

Please find attached document guidance (51 KB) for further details and a new document Vasectomy referral form (26 KB) that will be uploaded to Ardens.

17:40:09 - 10.11.2021

PCN Online event for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

Tuesday 30th November 9.30am-1pm.

Please see attached for details on the PCN Online event for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention.

We encourage that every PCN is represented at the event with CVD lead or other key person if possible please.

Register for the event on Eventbrite link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/virtual-hypertension-learning-event-2021-tickets-205542903357  

document 2021 11 09 PCN Online event for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention (16 KB)

17:15:48 - 10.11.2021

Parenting Offer November/December

Details of services & workshops available to parents for November/December.

document Parenting Offer November 2021 (28 KB)

pdf Triple P DG Poster November December 2021 (294 KB)

pdf Teen DG poster November December 2021 (416 KB)

17:13:54 - 10.11.2021

Fast Access Chest Pain Clinic, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust – Pathway Reminder

As you know the pressure in Primary and Secondary care is increasing with more patients attending ED and their GP practices with chest pain.  We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of this service.  The Fast Access Chest Pain Clinic is available for patients with new onset, stable, exertional chest pain.  Please refer appropriate patients meeting these criteria via e-Referral, completing the essential information requested on the up-to-date referral proforma.  Patients who meet the referral criteria will be assessed within 14 days.  Inappropriate referrals may be rejected or redirected to other Cardiology OP services.

17:13:12 - 10.11.2021

HIOW SIT 5 Minute Update November 2021 Edition

Please find attached the November 2021 Edition of the HIOW Screening and Immunisation Team’s 5 Minute Update.  Please share with your practice staff members as appropriate. 

We hope you find it useful and if you have any comments or queries then please let us know. Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


pdf NHS England HIOW Screening and Immunisation 5 Minute Update Issue 36 (217 KB)

17:09:22 - 10.11.2021

4LSAB Safeguarding Concerns Guidance - Essential Points

The purpose of this multi-agency framework is to support the decision making and reporting of adult safeguarding concerns, in order to impact positively on outcomes for people with a need for care and support, who are at risk of or experiencing abuse or neglect.  We have condensed the 41 page framework into this guidance, focusing on the essential points.

This guidance is useful for any health and social care professional who visits patients in their own homes.

document 4LSAB Safeguarding Concerns Guidance Essential points (345 KB)

17:08:21 - 10.11.2021

Intelligence from HSI CCG CQC inspections

This document contains useful themes (for shared-learning) from recent CQC inspection within West Hampshire.  The theme includes accessing medical records during inspections, PGD processes, governance, HR processes, medicines management and infection prevention & control.

Please note - QC will now undertake a number of searches remotely; it is therefore important that you are aware of these searches and undertake a review of these prior to a CQC inspection to identify gaps and undertake the actions required.  In many cases these searches will need to be repeated regularly to identify new patients meeting the criteria and there have been cases where practices have been given written warning notices when found not to be undertaking these searches regularly.

The full list of searches can be found here:  https://www.cqc.org.uk/guidance-providers/gps/gp-mythbuster-12-accessing-medical-records-during-inspections

document Current CQC intelligence Updated Oct 2021 (49 KB)

17:07:01 - 10.11.2021

Interested in becoming a Community Champion?

Information for Practices on the Community Champion scheme to help the NHS and Council to increase uptake of the COVID-19 vaccination.

document Interested in becoming a Community Champion (566 KB)

08:03:34 - 05.11.2021

Develop your Skills & Knowledge in Having Healthy Conversations about Alcohol

Details of three-hour online training sessions which are designed to encourage and support the philosophy behind Making Every Contact Count (MECC) to deliver Alcohol Identification & Brief Advice (IBA) or Very Brief Advice (VBA).

Dates available during November.

pdf MECC Alcohol IBA Flyer Final (152 KB)

08:01:59 - 05.11.2021

Birth Reflections Service

Attached are details of a pilot service which has been running since April 2021 which practices may not be aware of.  This is for women who have either delivered within Portsmouth or who are currently pregnant, who feel they have unresolved questions around their previous birth experience.  Further details and how to refer are attached.

document Birth Reflections Service (13 KB)

08:00:35 - 05.11.2021

Autism/ADHD Referrals

Portsmouth CCG commission a service from Surrey and Borders Partnership Trust (SABP) for autism and ADHD diagnosis.  If there is a concern about waiting times or choice then please be aware that we have commissioned additional capacity from a company called Solutions4Health to provide digital diagnostic assessments.  The referral process for both services is being managed via SABP and therefore referrals need to go to the Surrey service which will then offer a choice of provider.  Both of these services have undergone due diligence to ensure they provide safe, effective and value for money services.  This initiative offers choice and ensures waiting times for assessments will reduce significantly over the coming months.

We are currently acknowledging that some individuals wish to be referred to other providers under the choice legislation and the CCG will support this if the GP is satisfied that the individual is eligible under the choice guidance (ie, it will be their first consultant episode) and that the provider has a contract for diagnostic assessments with a CCG elsewhere in England.

 Any problems/queries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

07:58:59 - 05.11.2021

Surviving Winter 2021-22 Fund -  Guidelines for Partners

The Surviving Winter Fund has been created to help older persons (60+ years) in Hampshire & the Isle of Wight who cannot afford to heat their home and maintain a reasonable standard of living during the winter.  Details attached. 

document Partner Guidelines Surviving Winter Fund 2021 2022 (1) (684 KB)

07:57:08 - 05.11.2021

Quick Advice and Guidance Guide for Suspected New Heart Failure Referrals to Cardiology at PHUT

Just a reminder regarding Heart Failure referrals.  The ERS process switched over from RAS to A&G on 6th September 2021.  To support this change over in ERS, Dr Zaid Hirmiz has kindly created a short video on its use and how this looks in ERS.  Please see link to the 10 minute video.

Please use the original referral form.  Due to operational pressures at PHUT the 6 week non-urgent pathway is delayed and currently sits at 12 weeks.  Please advise patients of this when you make the referral to ensure they are aware.

Heart failure referral using A&G - Dr Z.Hirmiz

20:14:29 - 28.10.2021

Complaints Handling

Please see the slides from the NHSE complaints training that took place last week for those of you that could not attend.  The training was both supportive and informative.

There are lots of slides but each slide is brief and it is very easy to quickly go through and pick out areas of interest.

document GP training Lee and Claire FINAL Sep 2021 (3.38 MB)

20:13:15 - 28.10.2021

Two way communications - update to list

Please find attached an updated version of the two way communications document which now includes email addresses for dermatology, respiratory and pathology.

Renal is still outstanding despite chasing but I didn’t want to delay distributing this with the additions as some GPs have been asking for the missing email addresses.  We will share again once the renal information has been received.  Ardens have been requested to upload to One Drive.

spreadsheet PCCG756 Two way communications (17 KB)

20:12:36 - 28.10.2021

Healthwatch Portsmouth - Leaflets in GP surgeries on making a NHS complaint

Following a recent change in provider has meant that whenever patients contact Healthwatch to ask for support to make an NHS complaint they are being directed to a different service.  This is causing frustration to patients as the old details are still being given out by hospitals and practices.  Healthwatch have been trying to raise awareness that there is a new way of reaching the Portsmouth service of the IHCA and have been distributing leaflets to practices. 

The link to the page on the HWP website explains about support that is available for Portsmouth residents for making an NHS complaint.

Below is a message for Care Navigators to share with patients who wish to contact the service directly:

“You can reach the free service offered for Portsmouth residents (living within the postcode areas of PO1-PO6) for support to make their NHS Complaint.  

Please contact The Advocacy People by phone on 0330 440 9000 or email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to register for access to the Independent NHS Complaints Advocacy Service for Portsmouth”.

Healthwatch Portsmouth

20:10:53 - 28.10.2021

Veterans Trauma Network

You may have already heard of or be a part of the Veterans Trauma Network in the NHS. Attached is a new flyer aimed at raising awareness of the service amongst Veterans.

In a nutshell, the VTN deals with all physical health problems in veterans as a result of their time in service - from recurrent illness and problems after limb loss to traumatic brain injury and service-related fertility issues.  It is closely linked to Op COURAGE: The Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Service and charities such as BLESMA and Blind Veterans UK which can offer comprehensive care focused around veterans’ needs.  The VTM has a number of Trauma Centres as well as specialist units across England.  Access to the VTN is via the Veterans GP.  More details are on the flyer.

pdf VTN Overview (140 KB)

20:09:03 - 28.10.2021

Accelerating patient access to their GP record

I would like to draw your attention to an NHSX programme of work to improve patients’ access to their GP records. 

This new programme of work builds upon the existing GMS contract requirements for general practice to promote and offer online access to all coded and future prospective information in the medical record (clause 16.5ZA), or when requested in writing give access to the entire historic medical record (clause 16.5ZB). Despite patient interest and these commitments being established since April 2019, only a few patients have this level of access.

More information & details of webinars attached. document Accelerating patient access to their GP record (13 KB)

19:09:35 - 25.10.2021

Hospice and End of Life Care review

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Hospice and End of Life Care has launched a review into the lasting impact of COVID-19 on death, dying and bereavement in England. As part of this review, it is requesting written evidence from those who have provided palliative and end of life care during the pandemic on their experiences, innovations and adaptions in care and the lasting impacts of the crisis on the sector and its workforce.

The APPG plans to use the evidence submitted to this review to inform recommendations to Government and the hospice and end of life care sector to ensure lessons learned during the pandemic, as well as new challenges, are not forgotten and lead to an improvement in people’s experiences of death, dying and bereavement.

Whilst the APPG welcomes submissions of evidence to this review from as wide a range of organisations and respondents as possible, the group is particularly keen to receive evidence from friends and family of those who have died during the pandemic, informal carers of loved ones and frontline staff who have provided palliative and end of life care. Therefore, the group would be very grateful if you could share this call for evidence within your networks, with your staff and with the people who you support.

The deadline to submit written evidence to this review is 16 November 2021. More information on how to submit evidence can be found in the formal call for written evidence attached or accessible online here

19:07:58 - 25.10.2021

Updated PGDs : 20211012UKHSAPGDHepAandBv03.00 : 20211012UKHSAPGDHepAv04.00 : 20211012UKHSAPGDHepBv04.00

Please see attached the new updated PGD for Hep A, B & A+B.

Please note the updated inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Details on the attachment.

document Updated PGDs (768 KB)

19:06:42 - 25.10.2021

Sayana Press®

Solent NHS Trust Sexual Health Services will be initiating patients on Sayana Press®; subcutaneous progestogen only contraception.

Patient will be trained to use Sayana Press® and will be observed administering their first dose in Sexual Health clinic.  Patients will then be asked to contact their GP for ongoing prescriptions for Sayana Press® and for supply of small purple-lidded sharps bin (so that they can self-administer at home 13 weeks after their first dose).  For more information please see attached updated 'GP information sheet'

pdf Sayana Press GP information sheet (142 KB)

19:05:33 - 25.10.2021

4LSAB Multi Agency Fire Safety Framework Training Event Recording

As previously advertised in our newsletter, the Fire Safety Framework training event was held last week with much success. The recording of the session is now available and can be viewed online at any time via the link below.  The slides that were presented are also available, plus a list of questions that were asked/answered.   

Fire Safety Awareness | Hampshire Safeguarding Adults Board (hampshiresab.org.uk)

Please share within your practice to raise the profile of the Fire Safety Framework, as well as how the Framework can support colleagues with their work.

22:18:27 - 21.10.2021

Influenza Guidance for the Recording of Unregistered Patients Vaccination Events

NHSEI has published guidance for general practice in relation to influenza vaccinations of eligible frontline health and social care staff and patients who are not registered with a practice as outlined within the guidance.  The guidance includes specific information for each system supplier on how to record the vaccination event, payment processes, drug reimbursement and the transfer of the records to the patients registered practice.

The influenza guidance for the recording of unregistered patients vaccination events is available via the following link.

If you are unable to access the guidance on NHS futures please be aware you will need to register to be able to access.


22:17:16 - 21.10.2021

Pathology User Survey 2021

I would be grateful if you could take a moment of your time to complete this survey on the Pathology services at Queen Alexandra Hospital.

This year there are only four questions to answer but your individual comments are appreciated.

The survey will close on Monday 8th November. 

22:15:48 - 21.10.2021

NHS Professionals visiting care homes

Information about the current requirements of NHS professionals when visiting care homes and important information about the additional responsibilities of  primary care staff to share evidence of vaccination from the 11th November 2021.

document NHS Professionals visiting care homes (15 KB)

pdf C1372 Vaccinations for NHS staff entering care homes letter Aug21 (103 KB)

pdf C1372 FAQs re Vaccinations for NHS staff entering care homes Aug21 (98 KB)


16:22:40 - 20.10.2021

Communication from Regional IPC Vaccine Quality Huddle

Please can all practices and vaccine sites consider the risk of transmission of respiratory illnesses within their premises.

We are seeing increasing COVID-19 and respiratory virus circulation within the local area; this coupled with the increasingly wintery weather may lead to increased transmission risk within Primary Care and Vaccine Sites.

Please consider how you will reduce the risk of:

  • Queues forming inside buildings where ventilation is inadequate
  • Decreased social distancing due to the inability to wait outdoors

We know that many sites operated last winter and will already have these suggested actions already in place:

  • Where possible, please advise anyone attending your site to dress for the expected weather
  • Consider if you have access to outside shelters to protect queuing people from the worst of the weather
  • Remind people to wear face coverings when attending (unless exempt)
  • Reminder to those attending not to attend if they are positive/symptomatic of COVID-19
  • Where there is queuing inside, please ensure:
    • It is as well ventilated as possible
    • Wait time is kept to a minimum
    • Social distancing is maintained
    • Face coverings are worn by those in the queue (unless exempt)

Please contact the Quality Team or Infection Prevention Team in your local area if you would like any support.

16:20:33 - 20.10.2021

Recognising RSV

Information to share with patients via social media and/or websites.

There were very few cases of Bronchiolitis/Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) last year, therefore many young children, especially those under two years old, have never been exposed to these common viruses and may be more vulnerable this winter.

RSV leads to coughs and colds in winter, which causes the tiniest airways in a child’s lungs to become swollen, which can make it more difficult to breathe, and they may have difficulty feeding.

Recognising the various symptoms will mean giving the right advice and treatment when children develop any of the RSV symptoms listed:

  • Raised temperature: pharmacists' support
  • Sneezing and wheezing: 111 call line or GP support
  • Very rapid breathing: A&E

Find out more online via the link


image RSV or Covid (124 KB)

14:18:58 - 20.10.2021

Colorectal 2ww Pathway - FIT Testing

We have been working with the Colorectal Surgical Team at Portsmouth University Hospitals to review the 2ww pathway and also to support the delivery of the Optimal Colorectal 28 Day FDS pathway.  

As a result, the following clinical question has been raised.

Please see document attached (19 KB) for further details

14:18:58 - 20.10.2021

NEW – Local Group Patient Education from the Community Diabetes Specialist Nurse Team

Low Carbohydrate Management of Type 2 Diabetes to Achieve Remission

Portsmouth Community Diabetes has been successful in securing some funding from NHS England for this financial year to provide a series of low carb/remission educational sessions for people with type 2 diabetes.

The 12 week programme is delivered over seven hours divided into three sessions.

Please see document attached (14 KB)  for further details.

20:26:07 - 18.10.2021

Today marks Anti-Slavery Day – an opportunity to raise awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery

Today marks Anti-Slavery Day, an opportunity to raise awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery.  The HSAB will be using its social media accounts to raise awareness of the day and I wanted to highlight to you the resources that you can access from the HSAB website relating to Modern Slavery which I encourage you to share within your organisations.

document Anti Slavery Day (14 KB)

20:25:02 - 18.10.2021

Crime Prevention advice to GP Surgeries

Following concerns raised over the last week regarding increasing aggression and challenging behaviour from the public towards primary care, our local police have released the following information to support practices.

Please find listed below some useful crime prevention advice:

Also attached is the Crime Prevention advice we provided for vaccination sites (which includes GP surgeries) which has relevant advice about lighting, CCTV and other safety measures.

If you have any questions or require further information please let us know.  If this type of incident persists and there is increased concern around this please contact Stuart York, the dedicated ‘design out crime’ officer who will be able to conduct a site security visit to offer more targeted advice at the location.

pdf Crime Prevention Advice for Vaccination Sites (505 KB)

20:23:46 - 18.10.2021

HIPS Child Exploitation Autumn Newsletter

Please see attached the HIPS Child Exploitation newsletter for Autumn 2021.

pdf HIPS Child Exploitation Newsletter Autumn 2021 (1.32 MB)

20:22:45 - 18.10.2021

Letter to all practices from Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight CCG and Portsmouth CCG

Attached is a joint letter written and signed by Dr Linda Collie, Portsmouth CCG and Dr Nicola Decker, Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight CCG along with Maggie MacIsaac, Chief Executive of both CCGs, in response to the NHS England announcement made late last week.

pdf Primary Care Letter 18 10 21 (227 KB)

20:21:37 - 18.10.2021

Supporting Good Maternal Health Webinars

Please find details attached of 2 webinars aimed at supporting pregnant women:

Alcohol and pregnancy: supporting pregnant women to stop drinking

Supporting good parental mental health

document Supporting Good Maternal Health Webinars (12 KB)

20:20:33 - 18.10.2021

  document Request for Community Sentiment - Attack on MP Sir David Amess (155 KB)

You may be aware that the Police have declared the tragic murder of MP Sir David Amess as a terrorist related incident.  The full statement can be found by following the link and there are also some words from the regional counter terrorism unit.

We have been asked to feed back any relevant community sentiment that we may come across.  This can be done on the attached form, please send a copy to the Safeguarding Team for info; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Met Police statement

document CPI Form AD362 (155 KB)

12:24:31 - 15.10.2021

Support from Hampshire Police for Practices

Against a backdrop of increasing pressure and wider concerns that Primary Care staff are experiencing increasing levels of aggression from public and patients (Portsmouth News 11/10/21), as well as a recent incident where an unidentified item was posted through a practice letterbox, the CCG has sought advice from the Police on actions to take in these scenarios.

If a practice receives any suspicious unusual items or suspect packages, etc, the police should be called immediately to assess the situation.  Further details are attached.

pdf Police support 14 10 21 (151 KB)


12:23:23 - 15.10.2021

New e-RS Referrer Screens Training

Due to demand the NHS Digital Training team have put on an additional Referring Clinician training session.

This will take place on Thursday 25th November 1.00PM to 3.00PM and places can be booked via the e-RS website. These places are limited and will be offered on a first come first served basis.

The session is aimed towards those who would benefit to see what is available to referrers and referring teams on NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS), and which will include an overview of the planned e-RS enhancements due to be available early November 2021.

I have attached link below for you information with details of the planned enhancements.



12:21:53 - 15.10.2021

COAST information for GPs

We have been asked to remind you all of the referral procedure to the COAST service as they are still receiving inappropriate and/or incomplete referrals.

pdf GP referral pathway Updated Aug 21 (296 KB)

document COAST Referral Form from GP Jan 2020 V2 (55 KB)

document WHAT IS COAST LEAFLET Aug 2021 (35 KB)


17:31:36 - 12.10.2021

Consultation on extending the provision of centrally-funded PPE

The Department of Health and Social Care have today launched a consultation on extending the provision of centrally-funded PPE until March 2023.  The link to provide consultation feedback is here.  A Consultation Factsheet is also attached for information.

The consultation is open until 23:45 on 31st October 2021 and we would encourage responses from all PPE Engagement Panel attendees.  Please also share the link within your professional networks as we are keen to receive responses from all stakeholders.  

Should you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me Moira Philpott (details below)

PPE Demand and Customer Insight

Deputy Director – Customer Insight Non-Acute

National PPE Team – COVID 19 (DHSC – NHS E & I)

e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  m: 07597 526966

document PPE Consultation Factsheet for health and care (277 KB)

17:30:26 - 12.10.2021

Weight Management Enhanced Service – Clarity re Snomed codes for generating a payment

We have been asked whether codes other than the one required under the Weight Management ES may be used to generate payments under this ES. The ES specification says:

“Practices must make a manual claim to their commissioner for payment. Claims must be on the basis of the number of unique patients with a qualifying referral (coded on the basis of the Snomed code below), Referral to weight management service code is  1326201000000101”

Any other codes used will not generate payment for these referrals.

17:29:47 - 12.10.2021

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service update

The Pulmonary Service in now able to accept referrals for patients for both virtual and face to face group sessions – this is great news as we approach an autumn/winter with anticipated high levels of respiratory demand.

However, capacity is still limited by social distancing so we need to ensure we are prioritising the patients who will benefit the most from the programme. Therefore, re-referred patients will not be automatically accepted onto the programme and priority will be given to newly referred patients.

Please see attached a resource guide of alternative support options for patients who may benefit from interventions other than Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

Thank for your understanding and support.

document PCCG175h Pulmonary Rehab Referral Form PCCG 071021 (277 KB)

document PCCG755 Portsmouth Community Exercise and Support Options (146 KB)

17:28:30 - 12.10.2021

SE Flu Update: Issue 8

Please find attached the latest South East Flu Update.

pdf 20211008 SE Flu Update Issue 8 (118 KB)


17:27:34 - 12.10.2021

Cervical screening: Information for cascade

Please find information below relating to the cervical screening programme. Please can this information also be cascaded to your sample takers.

document Cervical screening information for cascade (14 KB)

14:42:43 - 08.10.2021

GP Complaints Training

There are still a few places available for the NHS England Free 3-hour GP Complaints Handling workshop at the Holiday Inn in Portsmouth on 21 October.  See attached for more information.

document GP Complaints Training (25 KB)


14:41:49 - 08.10.2021

NHS Cervical Screening Management System - Launch has been postponed

The work is being done centrally by NHS Digital and the proposed go live date has been deferred to 2022. If you have any queries please contact Programme Manager Lucksri Hewawasam, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

pdf Nhscsmsoctober2021 (147 KB)


17:23:02 - 06.10.2021

Adult Weight Management Pathway and Let's Bounce Back

Please find attached the up-dated Adult Weight Management Pathway for Portsmouth residents.   The pathway is very similar to the previous one, but with the addition of our new provision (digital weight management and Fit Fans) and the criteria around services (particular Tier 2) firmed up, so patients are signposted/referred to the most appropriate service for their needs. 

I would like to draw your attention to 'Let's Bounce Back' the name given to the specific tier 2 weight management provision under the PHE funding grant for 21-22.  This funding ends in March 22 and as a city we need to get a high number of patients through either of the two programmes.  Currently the funding for both these programmes ends in March 22, but not the normal Wellbeing Service weight management, it will remain but without the exercise element.  We would be very grateful if you could advise any patients you are talking to, who are eligible and wish to lose weight, to get in touch sooner rather than later, so they can access one of the current enhanced opportunities. 

document Adult Weight Management Pathway and Let's Bounce Back (523 KB)

16:18:27 - 05.10.2021

NHS Cervical Screening Management System - Important update

Update about the new NHS Cervical Screening Management System which has been postponed from 30 October 2021.

For information, we have provided a link to the latest NHS England and Improvement letter.

Email template (clickdimensions.com)

16:17:07 - 05.10.2021

Covid-19 Vaccinations – Assuring implementation of JCVI guidance for vaccinating severely immunosuppressed individuals with a third primary dose – GP Letter

On 1 September the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) published guidance on third doses of COVID-19 vaccinations for individuals aged 12 years and over who were severely immunosuppressed at the time of their first or second dose.  See attached.

pdf C1427 COVID 19 vaccinations – Assuring implementation of JCVI guidance for vaccinating severely immunosuppressed individuals with a third primary dose (198 KB)


16:15:30 - 05.10.2021

Harbour Marketing Material

Details of a new mental health crisis service for people living in Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport, Havant & East Hampshire.

document The Harbour (917 KB)

16:13:27 - 05.10.2021

e-RS referrer worklist changes - support information

Please find attached a presentation to support you cascading information to your users for the forth coming referrer worklist changes, planned for 5th November 2021 (subject to final testing).

The e-RS website has also been updated to include information on the changes. From here, a link to a YouTube video can be found to help support users further. 

If you have any questions on these changes please contact us.

document Referrer screen changes 2021 worklists (2.40 MB)

16:59:46 - 30.09.2021

Guidance on GP registration of Afghan Citizens and Families

Please find attached quick read guidance on GP registration of Afghan citizens on relocation and resettlement schemes.

pdf Guidance on GP registration of Afghan Citizens and Families (148 KB)

15:14:32 - 28.09.2021

Surgical Paediatric Advice and Guidance Service, PHUT-RHU

From Monday 27th September 2021 changes will be taking place for referral into the Paediatric Outpatients Department to help manage waiting times and reduce unnecessary appointments.  Details are attached.

document Surgical Paediatric Advice and Guidance Service (15 KB)

15:06:25 - 28.09.2021

Healthy Conversation Skills Training information

Details of Healthy Conversation Skills training.  This 3 hour, fully interactive on line training is designed to encourage and support the philosophy behind Making Every Contact Count (MECC) with added peer support, networking opportunities and a desire to implement what they learn in their daily lives as well as their roles.

document Healthy Conversation Skills Training information (374 KB)


15:04:31 - 28.09.2021

Grange Cardiology Service, Fareham

The Grange Cardiology Service, which is not available for Portsmouth patients to access, was appearing to practices as a referral option in error on eRS.  This has now been corrected. 

Practices who have referred to this service will receive a referral rejection.  The Portsmouth service is available via St Mary’s Treatment Centre, Practice Plus Group (PPG) which can be accessed via eRS.


13:24:53 - 23.09.2021

Ear Care  - Ear irrigation service

Please note, Practices who are unable to provide ear irrigation services should still be providing an ear examination before recommending private irrigation. Please refer to the GMS contract and remind reception teams they still need to book the patient in for a face-to-face appointment for an ear examination. This is to exclude potentially severe ear problems.

See link to LMC guidance for further information. 


Wessex LMCs: LMC Guide to Ear Care

As I am sure you are aware, ear irrigation is not stipulated within the GMS contract. The GP registered nurse/health care professional has a duty under contract to assess the patient, undertake the appropriate examination and decide whether ear irrigation is the best course of action.


13:14:40 - 21.09.2021

HIOW SIT 5 Minute Update September 2021 Edition

Please find attached the September 2021 Edition of the HIOW Screening and Immunisation Team’s 5 Minute Update.  Please share with your practice staff members as appropriate.

pdf NHS England HIOW Screening and Immunisation 5 minute update issue 35 (244 KB)



13:08:47 - 21.09.2021

Portsmouth City Council Local Plan Public Consultation - correct weblink

Dear Consultee,

We are contacting you to invite you to read the new draft local plan for the city and provide your feedback. The public consultation on the 'Regulation 18' draft of the Local Plan will run until 31 October 2021.

We have opened a virtual consultation room which can be accessed via www.portsmouth.gov.uk/localplan 

The plan has been split into topics to make it easier for people to view the areas they are interested in and provide feedback as they work their way around the virtual room. The room can be revisited multiple times during the six week consultation period to look at the different sections of the plan and give feedback.

Three drop-in events are being held for residents who may wish to view the plans and give their feedback in person:

  • Saturday 16 October, 10am - 1pm, Cosham Library, Spur Road, Cosham.
  • Tuesday 19 October, 4pm - 8pm, Pompey in the Community, Anson Road, Fratton.
  • Wednesday 20 October, 10am - 2pm, Central Library, Guildhall Square, Portsmouth.

Following the consultation, we will make any necessary changes to the plan and then publish for a final consultation. It will then be submitted to Government where a Planning Inspector will be appointed to assess the plan at public hearing sessions. Once approved, it will become the definitive plan for Portsmouth for the next 15 years.

We look forward to receiving your responses.

Kind regards,

Rachel Cutler

Head of Planning Policy, Portsmouth City Council

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 023 9282 2251

13:05:38 - 21.09.2021

PCCG Safeguarding Newsletter Sept 2021

Please find attached the Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group Newsletter for September 2021.

document Sept 2021 newsletter (134 KB)

13:02:26 - 21.09.2021

National report on NAI in under 1's - Family Safeguarding 

The National Panel report published report on Non-Accidental Injury's (NAI) caused by male carers in children under 1 (this report) It looks at the impact of Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs,) mental health, substance misuse and domestic abuse as factors in incidences where a male (usually the child's birth father) has gone on to seriously harm and kill an infant.

It really highlights the importance of family safeguarding and ensuring that fathers (and men living in the same household with the baby) are considered in our safeguarding work.

This quote on pg. 34 really stood out to me:

'During ante-natal appointments issues were identified in relation to father’s mental health and concerns were raised, yet this was not followed up. GP records show that he was discussed more than once at the GP safeguarding meeting, but this did not result in a referral to social care or any other agency.'

Locally a HIPS Unborn/Newborn Baby Safeguarding Protocol, has been developed to help staff know what actions to take

(HIPS Unborn/Newborn Baby Safeguarding Protocol)

13:06:27 - 17.09.2021

Blood Tubes update 16/09/2021

Please see the attached update on blood tubes and updated published guidance on optimising blood testing in primary care.

The attached letter confirms the developments alongside the efforts of NHS staff to manage use, mean that the supply situation is no longer as constrained.

 Key points form this letter include:

•Testing activity in primary and community care, in line with the best practice guidance, can resume, stocks permitting, from 17 September.

•It is important to avoid an immediate surge in demand for tubes beyond June and July 2021 baseline levels, so as not to potentially create further constraint in the supply chain. We ask that any backlog of tests is worked through over a period of at least eight weeks, prioritising as required, to spread the demand for tubes. 

Further update to this situation is expected by Friday 8th October.

pdf B0980 BD System update letter (90 KB)

pdf B0960 Optimising Blood Testing Primary Care (297 KB)

13:04:42 - 17.09.2021

GP Clinical Advisor Recruitment - NHSEI -SE Region

We would be most grateful if you could arrange for the attached advertisement and job description to be disseminated to GPs in your CCG / locality.

Kindly note that the closing date for applications is 4 October 2021.

Many thanks

Primary Care – Medical team

NHS England and NHS Improvement – South East

pdf CA role advert 2021 (62 KB)

pdf Role Description and Person specification 2021 (102 KB)

13:03:01 - 17.09.2021

The Genomics Education Programme – online survey

The Genomics Education Programme has launched an online survey to seek views from the medical community to better understand how genomics is being used and help inform future training and education plans.

We are sharing this information with you with the link below so that you are aware of it and can arrange to disseminate it to GP practices in your CCG/locality.



19:55:41 - 16.09.2021

GP Complaints Training 2021

NHS England is hosting complaints training sessions for GP practices, taking place from September to November this year: Portsmouth and Southampton is in October 2021. I would be grateful if you would share this invite / advert with your Primary Care teams so they in turn can share with the Practice Managers Networking Groups and any other forums they are aware of so Practice Mangers or GP’s wishing to attend can book a place.

document GP Complaints Training Advert (27 KB)

19:51:32 - 16.09.2021

Community Connector Service

The Community Connector Service is for adults - 18+ - who are experiencing loneliness/social isolation and want to get out in the community to engage more but lack the confidence to do so.  The service is part of the Independence and Wellbeing Team, Adult Social Care.  Please see the attached to find out more.

document Community Connector Service Overview Professionals (243 KB)


15:11:49 - 15.09.2021

IPC Guidance for Spirometry

For your information, detailed IPC guidance that has been requested for restarting Spirometry.

pdf HSICCG IPC guidance for Spirometry September 2021 V1 0 FINAL (791 KB)


15:08:43 - 15.09.2021

Women’s Health Matters Website Resource

For Educational training resources and access to educational webinars.

Women's Health Matters | Bayer (whmatters.co.uk)

15:07:48 - 15.09.2021

Job Vacancy

Southern Health Foundation Trust are looking to recruit a GPSI to join their trust wide Community Eating Disorders Service. The service operates a Hub and Spoke Model with the Hub based at April House in Southampton and the spokes operating from the Bluebell Rooms at Kingston Crescent Surgery, Portsmouth and the Bridge Centre, Basingstoke.  Further details about the role can be found in the link.

GPSI in Eating Disorder (jobs.nhs.uk)

15:05:56 - 15.09.2021

New PSCP Website Content

Some of you may be aware that we have been reviewing the content and layout of our PSCP website, to try and make it more user friendly for busy practitioners.  All of the subject pages in the Information for Professionals have been re-written to ensure they contain up-to-date information and that the layout is easier to navigate.  We have also produced a One Minute Guide library for quicker reference and the Learning from Practice section has been revamped to hopefully make this information more accessible.

Please can you share this as widely as possible within your services and organisations to make staff aware of these changes.  You may also need to update any quick links/hyperlinks you have created or saved to our website as these may no longer work.

Obviously we have strived to make the content as accurate as possible, but if you spot any inaccuracies please do let us know.  We will continue to develop the website, so if there are any additional safeguarding issues or areas of practice you would like to see included in the future, then please do let us know.

15:04:18 - 15.09.2021

A collaborative workshop to share insights into Long COVID and the impact of the Living With COVID Recovery programme

Aims to connect clinicians already using the Living With COVID Recovery programme with those who are seeking to understand more about it and the pathway.

Find out the current picture in England, early insights into the data, the Long COVID pathway and the impact of the Living With COVID Recovery programme on services and patients.

Living With COVID Recovery - Collaborative Workshop Tickets, Tue 5 Oct 2021 at 14:00 | Eventbrite

14:18:58 - 15.09.2021

READ coding of HOUSEBOUND patients on S1

The community nursing service is for housebound patients only. Please, therefore ensure that you have checked if the patient could possibly come into the surgery and if not, CODE their housebound status on their records  ( Housebound SNOMED code: 160689007)

Thank you for all your efforts, the Community Team will look for this READ code and we just need to be as efficient as possible to save on rejected referrals.

15:35:15 - 14.09.2021

GP Practice Internal Communications Survey

After carrying out a practice manager engagement exercise across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight (including Portsmouth) and a six-month internal communications review, it has been highlighted that there is a need to review the communications channels with practices to see if we are able to provide something much more intuitive and consistent.

Last week we opened a survey to get more information about what we use at the moment and what we want from communications going forward. The survey runs until next Tuesday 21st September.

The survey has five questions in total – and then two more asking for profession and locality – so hopefully not too time consuming.

GP Practice Internal Communications questionnaire (smartsurvey.co.uk)


08:02:00 - 14.09.2021

Child J Case Review Publication

The PSCP has published its Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review, Child J.  Child J is a 17-year-old Looked After Child and was placed out of area in April 2018.  He had a significant history of intervention from various Local Authorities and many involvements with the Police for his violence, drugs and criminality.

He was charged with and convicted of murder.  This killing happened amid fears that it was related to Child Criminal Exploitation with major concerns around Child J’s involvement with gangs and County Lines and the significant, serious harm he had suffered.

You can view the overview report, as well as the PSCP response document and a short 7 point learning briefing here.  Please can we ask that you disseminate this within your organisation, encourage teams to reflect on the findings and discuss the implications for your service or practice.

14:29:42 - 10.09.2021

LIFEPAK CR Plus AED - Replacement Charge-Pak shortage

Please read the attached comms.

document LIFEPAK CR Plus AED Replacement Charge Pak shortage comms 10 09 21 (23 KB)

14:28:39 - 10.09.2021

Southsea Parkrun – CQUIN 2021/22 Physical Activity

FAO Practice Managers and Social Prescribers

Please see the attached letter from the Southsea Parkrun Team regarding how to get involved, this will also meet requirements as part of the Physical Activity element of the 2021/22 CQUIN and the achievement of the Active Practice status.

document PA CQUIN Parkrun Letter (14 KB)

14:25:41 - 10.09.2021

Ovarian Cancer Interventions

Target Ovarian Cancer are currently recruiting pilot sites for pilot work to develop and test primary care pathway interventions to improve early diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

To find out more, please visit: https://targetovariancancer.org.uk/health-professionals/commissioners

To express your interest in this project, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


14:18:58 - 09.09.2021

Managing Women’s Hormonal Health – 09:30 – 12:30, 29 September 2021 – online

This half-day hot topic event, held online, gives you the opportunity to learn more about the impact menopause can have and discuss approaches to manage this. It’ll take a closer look at menopause management, contraceptive options and managing menopause and mental health.
For further details document please see attached (14 KB) . To book please follow this link: Book your place now

13:05:34 - 09.09.2021

Meet the new IG Team

Please read the attached comms.

pdf Meet the team (405 KB)


13:04:30 - 09.09.2021

Emergency Services Day - 9 Sept - A letter to say thank you

On Emergency Services Day (9 September 2021), Clinical Chair of Portsmouth CCG, Elizabeth Fellows, Executive Lead for Health and Care Portsmouth, David Williams, and Managing Director of Health and Care Portsmouth, Jo York, have written a thank you letter to all staff and volunteers within the NHS in Portsmouth. Please read the attached letter.

pdf A letter to say thank you Emergency Services Day 2021 (199 KB)


13:03:00 - 09.09.2021

Queen Nursing Institute – Personalised Care Innovation Projects

Personalised Care Innovation Projects in England! Apply by 29th October 5pm, please read the attached comms for more details.

document Queen Nursing Institute Personalised Care Innovation Projects in England Apply by 29th October 5pm (17 KB)

The Queen's Nursing Institute – – The charity for community nurses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. (qni.org.uk)



14:18:58 - 08.09.2021

New Patient Education group - Low Carbohydrate Management of Type 2 Diabetes to Achieve Remission

The Solent Community Diabetes Specialist team are delighted to offer your patients group education around low carb management of type 2 diabetes to achieve remission. Patients must meet the criteria outlined in the document attached flyer (14 KB) in order to refer onto the scheme. This is an exciting opportunity for the team to support those who are motivated to act on their diagnosis to achieve remission.

To refer, please use the Community Diabetes referral form, and tick the option “Type 2 Remission Group”. Updated form will be available on Ardens shortly.

If you have any questions, queries please don’t hesitate to contact the Community Diabetes Specialist Nurse team.

12:47:29 - 08.09.2021

Portsmouth Breastfeeding Network Groups – September 2021

Please see the attached comms for further details on groups.

document Portsmouth Breastfeeding Networks comms (46 KB)

image NEW Portsmouth Breastfeeding Networks GROUPS SEPTEMBER! (384 KB)

12:44:37 - 08.09.2021

An update on the Special Allocation Scheme

From 1 September 2021, the NHS clinical commissioning groups covering Hampshire, Southampton, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth have awarded a new contract for the provision of GP services under the Special Allocation Scheme (SAS).

Partnering Health Limited have been appointed to offer the service. They have delivered the scheme in Portsmouth and some areas of Hampshire for some time. In the initial period of operation, patients will be able to seek medical advice over the phone, with in-person appointments being offered at a number of locations across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Online services will be available shortly.

Referral routes for practices remain the same via Primary Care Support England (PCSE). Please speak to your local team if you have any queries.



12:43:29 - 08.09.2021

Paediatric Long Covid Service reminder

Just a reminder that the paediatric long Covid service is live across Hampshire, Southampton, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. The service encompasses a multi-disciplinary approach and is overseen by a paediatrician. It is not a paediatric referral and if there are aspects of a child's care that need a paediatric referral, then that may be more appropriate. 

All referrals need to be via a referral form and any referrals/ queries to go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Under 18’s Long Covid Pathway
  • Paediatric Long Covid Service information for GP’s
  • HIOW Childrens Long Covid Pathway presentation https://vimeo.com/555740089/4c53204190 presented by Dr Mark Alderton – Clinical Lead for the service and Carol Quint – Clinical Team Coordinator Solent
  • HIOW Childrens Long Covid Pathway slide deck
  • Referral form into the service ( please can this be uploaded onto EMIS/ Arden’s)

document Post COVID Child GP referral form (75 KB)

pdf Paediatric long covid support (328 KB)

document Childrens Long Covid pathway slide deck (1.74 MB)

pdf Under 18s Long Covid Pathway (1) (129 KB)




13:22:54 - 07.09.2021

Two Way Communication Process between Primary Care and Secondary Care

Please read the attached comms.

document Two Way Communications comms between Primary Care and Secondary Care (14 KB)

spreadsheet Two way communications Documents (16 KB)


14:18:58 - 06.09.2021

All GP Practices in HIOW will shortly have access to the AccuRx Florey Plus service.  This will be an addition to the current AccuRx offer. 

The other additional templates included in Florey Plus are:

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Blood Pressure 7 Day Monitoring
  • Health Check
  • Depression PHQ-9
  • Anxiety GAD-7
  • Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill
  • Progesterone-Only Pill
  • Diabetes (Pre Appointment)
  • Ethnicity
  • FRAX

The Florey Plus surveys will operate in the same way as the existing florey provision, with patient text responses entering into the GP Record as free text, or as SNOMED coded data.

Please see embedded document document (14 KB) for further information.


13:50:53 - 06.09.2021

Syana Press

Solent NHS Trust Sexual Health Services will be initiating patients on Sayana Press®; subcutaneous progestogen only contraception, which patients can self-administer at home every 13 weeks.  Patients will receive counselling and training from Solent Sexual Health Services. Patients will be asked to contact their GP for prescription for subsequent doses of Sayana Press® and for supply of small purple-lidded sharps bin.  For more information please see attached 'GP information sheet' 

document GP information sheet Sayana press final V1 (31 KB)


13:50:02 - 06.09.2021

NHS Health Checks - Universal or High Risk Check - Recording of Information

Please see the attached information regarding the recording of NHS Health Checks, both Universal or High Risk Checks.

document NHS Health Checks Universal and High Priority Checks Recording of Information (94 KB)

document NHSHealthCheckClaimForm2021 2022 (45 KB)

document NHSHealthChecksServiceSpecification2021 (3.19 MB)



14:18:58 - 03.09.2021

GP Survey - to help with new guidance

We have been receiving requests from GP staff via our help desks (both clinical and non-clinical) struggling to find the answers they need to direct patients for Covid pass, NHSApp and GP Online Services.

As you may be aware, there are already many guidance tools accessible to frontline staff and they will always remain available and regularly updated.

However, we would like to urgently provide the most helpful guide for GP staff that will provide answers they require. 

In order to get this as accurate as possible we are kindly asking if GP staff can complete this very short survey by following the link.

 - https://forms.gle/dpHZhry6Mg25FbBG9


13:12:34 - 03.09.2021

NHS DPP – Process for referring people aged over 80 years

Please see the attached comms.

document NHS DPP comms (13 KB)

document PCCG406g NDPP REFERRAL FORM v7 4 Aug 2021 (46 KB)



13:10:52 - 03.09.2021

Change to the Pharmaceutical list

NHSE PCSE has advised of a transfer of ownership from Southsea Pharmacy to Laly’s Pharmacy. Please see attached for details.

pdf Memo (119 KB)

18:26:46 - 02.09.2021

Updated and New PGDs for the Shingles Vaccination Programme

Updated and new authorised PGD.

  1. PHE Zostavax PGD amended to:
  • renamed as the Zostavax PGD and replaces the previous PHE Shingles PGD
  • reflect recommendations in the revised Green Book Chapter 28a and changes to the national shingles programme following the introduction of Shingrix® vaccine (see PHE Shingrix PGD attached)
  • updated criteria for exclusion, cautions, actions if excluded, drug interaction and additional information sections 
  1. NEW PHE Shingrix PGD to reflect the introduction of Shingrix from 1 September for the vaccination of individuals who are contraindicated to Zostavax 

These PGD templates require organisational authorisation in line with HMR2012 before they are legally valid PGDs. Authorising organisations must not alter, amend or add to the clinical content of these documents (sections 4, 5 and 6); such action will invalidate the clinical sign-off with which it is provided. In addition authorising organisations must not alter section 3 ‘Characteristics of staff’. Only sections 2 and 7 can be completed within the editable fields.

Please could you ensure that these documents are made available to all staff who require them.

They will be available to download from the following link:

NHS England and NHS Improvement South East » Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire PGD downloads

pdf 20210824PHEPGDShingrixV0100 (219 KB)

pdf 20210825PHEZostavaxPGDv1000 (255 KB)

18:23:21 - 02.09.2021

GP comms regarding Care homes and Vaccinations

Please read the attached comms regarding Care homes and Vaccinations

document GP comms re care homes and vaccinations (16 KB)

pdf C1372 Vaccinations for NHS staff entering care homes letter Aug21 (103 KB)

pdf C1372 FAQs re Vaccinations for NHS staff entering care homes Aug21 (98 KB)


18:19:22 - 02.09.2021

National Lower Limb Strategy Drop In Day

Please see details about a ‘Drop In’ day for National Wound Care Lower Limb Celebration on Tuesday 5th Oct 2021.


18:16:01 - 02.09.2021

Peristeen Product Change GP Letter

During the period between July and December 2021, Coloplast Ltd will be launching their new Peristeen® Plus transanal irrigation system; this will be replacing the current Peristeen® transanal irrigation system. This is a product upgrade; the new Peristeen® Plus system has improved connectors, a new dial design and more intuitive symbols on the control unit. There is no cost difference between the old and new system. Coloplast Ltd have been informing patients of the change since May 2021 by putting information in patients’ delivery boxes and providing an email update to those ordering through Coloplast Charter. Coloplast Ltd has also been informing practices of the new consumable codes to prescribe (as per table in the attached document) for when a patients switch from Peristeen to Peristeen plus

The old Peristeen transanal irrigation range will be officially removed from Drug Tariff on the 31st December 2021 and discontinued. Please contact the medicines optimisation team if you have any queries (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

document Peristeen product change Peristeen Plus GP Letter GBRAH FINAL (42 KB)

16:39:30 - 01.09.2021

Blood Specimen Collection - Supply Disruption

Please see the attached National letter on blood collection supply disruption. 

Colleagues at PHU have advised that some Rheumatology patients have reported difficulty in accessing blood tests in relation to their conditions.

Rheumatology patients should still be able to access blood tests in view of the need to ensure safe prescribing of medication and ongoing monitoring of their condition.  This is supported by the following extract from the attached  letter:

Primary Care and Community Care

All primary care and community testing must be halted until 17th September 2021, except for clinically urgent testing.

Examples of clinically urgent testing include:

  • Bloods that are required to facilitate a two week wait referral
  • Bloods that are extremely overdue and/or essential for safe prescribing of medication or monitoring of condition
  • Bloods that if taken could avoid a hospital admission or prevent an onward referral

Those with suspected sepsis or conditions with a risk of death or disability

Blood Bottle shortages – comms for website

Following on from yesterday’s notification, the national team has provided some suggested website patient communications, that you may wish to use on your practice website:

A supplier to the NHS has advised us of a global shortage of some equipment used for taking blood tests.

Anyone who needs a test for urgent health problems will still get one but where your clinician recommends that it is safe to do so, then you may be asked to come back for a test at a later date or your appointment may be rescheduled.

Given the nature of the shortage, we cannot give an exact date for when the test will be rescheduled but please be assured that if your condition or symptoms require it, then you will get a test and we will be re-booking your test when supplies become more easily available.

If your condition or symptoms change or get worse, please contact the NHS as you would normally.


09:31:52 - 01.09.2021

Treatment Room Audits – Infection Prevention

Solent Infection Prevention team are now able to restart the annual treatment room audits. 

If you would like to book one, please contact:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with some available dates and times and someone will get back to you to confirm the booking.

document Treatment Room Audits 2021 (258 KB)

09:30:45 - 01.09.2021

Learning from Lives and Deaths - People with a Learning Disability and Autistic People

This document is to let you know more you about the Learning from Lives and Deaths – People with a Learning Disability and Autistic People (LeDeR) programme.

pdf LeDeR General Practice A5 4 pages Aug 2021 (457 KB)

20:02:23 - 26.08.2021

Please see attached the amended Hampshire poster for Pharmacy Opening times.

pdf Hampshire Pharmacy Opening Times V2 26 08 2021 (167 KB)

Thank you



15:10:10 - 26.08.2021

Heart Failure e-Referrals via Advice & Guidance

Please be aware that the current referral processes to the Portsmouth Hospital Heart Failure team is changing from a Referral Assessment Service (RAS) to Advice and Guidance (A&G) approach.

This change over is planned to happen on the 6th Sept. 2021.

This move is aimed at improving dialogue between primary and secondary care colleagues.

  • The current ‘Suspected New Heart Failure’ form is to be completed and added to the A&G request to enable triage by the clinical teams.
  • Tell a clinical story and ask a question. This should include the expectation from the request – clinical advice to be enacted in primary care, accessing a specialist investigation, etc.
  • Ensure all primary care management options have been exhausted before accessing consultant advice – this includes discussion with a GP within the practice where the request does not come directly from a GP – and ensure the details of this are included in the “story”.

The aim is to improve access to expert knowledge and share clinical understanding across the system, enabling two-way conversations between clinicians to support the delivery of patient management within primary care.

13:48:57 - 26.08.2021

Infection Prevention event - Wednesday 20 October

Solent IPC Team will be holding another Practice Nurse link session in October.  However, they are also holding the following event and would like to invite the practice nurse link advisors to attend the session if they wish.  The event will be streamed live from Southampton Football Club, via Zoom.

To register your interest and to receive all further event information, please sign up via the link

Infection Prevention Event Tickets, Wed 20 Oct 2021 at 09:00 | Eventbrite

13:45:41 - 26.08.2021

Hampshire Pharmacy Opening times

Please see attached the Hampshire community pharmacy opening hours for the 30 August 2021 - Bank Holiday Monday.

pdf Hampshire Pharmacy Opening Times (157 KB)

13:43:36 - 26.08.2021

Modern Day Slavery information

Please see attached the Hampshire and IOW Modern Slavery Partnership Strategy (MDSP) that has been updated including a new forward from PCC Donna Jones.  Additionally, the MDSP is holding a webinar on sexual exploitation with a focus on supporting those in the commercial sex industry on 7th September.  Information about this event and the link to register can be found below.  Any queries should be directed to them through this page.


Please share within your organisation appropriately.

13:42:20 - 26.08.2021

e-RS overview sessions

There are further e-RS overview session dates available to book onto from the website.

We anticipate these being popular.  If you have any staff members looking to undertake these session please ask them to book their places asap.

e-RS events - NHS Digital



22:07:49 - 17.08.2021

Hampshire & IOW – people portal

Information website to provide people with links to what they need to be healthy and well in work.

NHS Wellbeing - Idea Spotlight (hiowpeople.nhs.uk)

22:06:49 - 17.08.2021

Alcohol Brief Advice in Primary Care: An invitation to stake holder workshop 11:00 - 14:00 Monday the 20th of September

You may have previously expressed an interest in or taken part in previous research around improving the delivery of very brief advice on alcohol in primary care. We are pleased to invite you to the final stages of the training’s development.  Further details are on the attached.

document Alcohol Brief Advice in Primary Care (17 KB)



22:05:17 - 17.08.2021

Guidance on NHS staff and student isolation

A letter has been issued for NHS staff regarding the change in guidance for self- isolation.  Please see link Guidance on NHS staff and student isolation.

letter, re, self isolation

18:04:20 - 16.08.2021

Training opportunity from the Police anti-corruption unit

Earlier in the year the Anti-Corruption Unit within Hampshire Police held several short virtual training presentations on the subject of Police Officers/Staff abusing their position for sexual gain.  This is a nationally recognised concern within policing that the imbalance of power is being abused by some officers and staff and there is a need to shine a light on this to educate and prevent further harm being caused.  Whilst thankfully this behaviour is very rare within Hampshire Constabulary we would like to take this opportunity to explain more about the topic, the signs to look out for and importantly when and how to report any concerns.  Details of sessions are attached.

document Training opportunity from the Police anti corruption unit (13 KB)


18:01:12 - 16.08.2021

Hypo Awareness Week: 13th - 19th September 2021

Details and information on how to register for Hypo Awareness week.

pdf CDEP flyer4 HIOWCDEP (532 KB)



17:57:48 - 16.08.2021

Safeguarding Newsletter

Please find attached a small update newsletter from Portsmouth CCG Safeguarding team.

document August 2021 docx news letter (41 KB)


17:55:12 - 16.08.2021

Wessex Public Health Practitioner Programme 2022- 'What is Public Health Practitioner Registration' Webinar

The Wessex Public Health Development Network are delivering a webinar on Wednesday 15th September aimed at professionals wanting to find out more about joining the Wessex Public Heath Practitioner Programme.  Please circulate and share with colleagues who may be interested in applying for this programme for 2022-2023.

Please see the attached poster for more details.

To book a place on this webinar, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Friday 10th September.

This Webinar will take place on Teams and a separate email will be sent to you with joining instructions.

pdf PHP Pre Webinar 2022 Final (205 KB)

15:27:02 - 12.08.2021

Webinars: Should more women be offered IUS?
Presented by: Dr Jane Davis and Dr Radhika Vohra

8th September 2021 - 7:00pm -  8:30pm

To register, please contact:

Sian Piper
+44 7971 225798
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

15:24:26 - 12.08.2021

Sexual Health Summer 2021 Campaign

Teenage parents are more likely to be living in poverty up to the age of 30 (for more info see Teenage pregnancy prevention framework - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk))

Any unplanned pregnancy has an impact on a young person in many ways, and any STIs undiagnosed can be unknowing passed on and cause complications if left untreated. We also know that understanding 'consent' is important in prevention of harm and to encourage access to support.

Professionals across all sectors working with young people play a really important role in supporting young people access accurate information, support and advice around relationship and sex.  

Therefore, I hope you will help us cascade information about this exciting new campaign (with an innovative new remote clinic option also included) so that wider workforces across our city are able help reduce poor outcomes so that our young people can make informed decision.

document 2021 08 12 Sexual Health Summer 2021 Campaign (74 KB)


09:59:30 - 12.08.2021

PCCG - Quasar HCP Feedback GP Feedback Report

Please see attached Quasar Update report produced by HIOW on behalf of Portsmouth CCG.  The report shows feedback from Portsmouth practices and the top 5 feedback themes across the Portsmouth and SE Hants area.  This will be shared with practices quarterly.

pdf PCCG Quasar HCP Feedback GP feedback Report (786 KB)


09:44:51 - 12.08.2021

Deaf Awareness and Sign Language Workshops in Hampshire

This year, we are offering deaf awareness and sign language workshops in Hampshire and surrounding areas. This might be of interest to healthcare and/or non-clinical staff in their work with vulnerable service users, families and colleagues. We can come to you, or alternatively, we also offer remote learning via Zoom and Microsoft Teams. 

Award-winning Signs4Life is leading efforts towards a society in which people with disabilities have full access and are working to raise the public and political awareness of disability provision.


pdf Signs4Life accredited 10 week course (healthcare) (1) (147 KB)

document Deaf Awareness and Sign Language Workshops in Hampshire (13 KB)



09:42:43 - 12.08.2021

Kooth National GP Webinars

Kooth plc are running webinars on 18,19 & 23 August for GPs, Practice Managers and any healthcare professionals interested in learning more about what the online mental health service offers. The webinars provide an overview and resources to signpost patients to the service.

You can see dates and register for the sessions here

09:41:26 - 12.08.2021

New Term Dates Triple P Discussion Groups and September Parenting offer 2021

Please find attached the next term dates for Triple P Discussion Groups along with the Parenting offer and Non-Violent Resistance (NVR)/Rebuilding Relationships (RR) information.

pdf Triple P DG Poster September October 2021 (222 KB)

pdf September 2021 RR and NVR Handout for professionals (304 KB)

pdf Parenting Offer September 2021 (202 KB)

pdf Teen DG poster September October 2021 (416 KB)


09:38:23 - 12.08.2021

GP IT Services

The new GP IT Services contract with HC and Arden & GEM CSU partnership began last month. If you would like more information on the services they provide please visit their website here: HIOW – Welcome to your new partner for GP IT services | Healthcare Computing . For information on IG and DPO it can be found here

14:50:38 - 06.08.2021

Changing the timing of the neonatal BCG immunisation programme to a 28-day immunisation programme letter.

Please read the attached comms.

Many thanks

pdf B0778 Changing the timing of the neonatal BCG imm prog to a 28 day imm prog July2021 (223 KB)


16:19:19 - 05.08.2021

Hampshire Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) Annual report for 2020/21

The Hampshire Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) Annual report for 2020/21 has now been published on the NHS Portsmouth CCG website –

LeDeR Report

LeDeR Report Easy Read

Please see attached for local data and narrative summaries.

pdf Report summary LeDeR 2021 (74 KB)

document Portsmouth Data Summary 20 21 (402 KB)

16:16:57 - 05.08.2021

ADHD diagnosis service – updated advice for GPs

Portsmouth CCG commission a service from Surrey and Borders Partnership Trust (SABP) for ADHD diagnosis.  If there is a concern about waiting times or choice then please be aware that we have commissioned additional capacity from a company called Solutions4Health to provide digital diagnostic assessments.  The referral process for the service is being managed via SABP and therefore all referrals need to go to the Surrey service which will then offer a choice of provider.  Both of these services have undergone due diligence to ensure they provide safe, effective and value for money services.  This initiative offers choice and ensures waiting times for assessments will reduce significantly over the coming months.  As a result the CCG will not support referrals to other providers.  Details are attached.

document ADHD diagnosis service (13 KB)

16:15:04 - 05.08.2021

Surge planning for Paediatric Respiratory Viral Infections 2021-22

There is a surge in respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection expected over the next few months (August to March), occurring earlier than usual and affecting a wider age range of children. We are also expecting an increase in other respiratory viruses due to the relative lack of exposure over the last 18/12. This will result in more children presenting to health care services with wheezy respiratory illness.

The attached guidance has been put together by colleagues at PHUT and across the system to assist Primary Care in the management of these cases.

document RSV surge info for Primary Care PSEH (161 KB)

16:13:43 - 05.08.2021

Acute Paediatric Assessment for Primary Care

Please find attached guidance on how to appropriately assess the acutely ill child using remote assessment and when face to face is appropriate.

document Acute paediatric assessment update for primary care (949 KB)

13:58:20 - 03.08.2021

Hoarding OMG For Portsmouth GP Surgeries

Please find attached a One Minute Guide to Hoarding. This OMG includes:

  • What is Hoarding?
  • Self-Neglect or Diogenes Syndrome
  • Hoarding Risks
  • Subtle signs of hoarding or self-neglect
  • Identifying the scale of the issue
  • Useful Links

Risk management strategies & legislative remedies

document HIOW OMG Hoarding (3.25 MB)

13:55:03 - 03.08.2021

County Lines Resource guide

‘Unseen’ has produced a brief guide for parents, teachers, and those who work with children on how to spot county lines exploitation, and where to go for help. The guide outlines nine things you need to know to protect children from exploitation.

pdf Unseen County Lines Exploitation guide for parents,carers & practitioners (3.89 MB)

13:53:16 - 03.08.2021

JCVI children and young people announcement

We have been made aware that some practices are receiving calls and emails from parents asking whether their child or young person can book in a Covid-19 vaccination, following the national announcement that some children and young people will be eligible to receive it

The current guidance is for parents and young people is to wait until the NHS contacts them to book them an appointment.

To help you communicate this, please find attached a script which outlines the situation, but also website copy and FAQs document, which you can use to help communicate to the public.

document Primary care communications support JCVI children and young people announcement 02 08 21 (16 KB)

13:58:29 - 30.07.2021

Change in Operating Hours for St Mary’s Urgent Treatment Centre

Due to significant staff shortages St Mary’s Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC), run by Practice Plus Group (PPG), PPG have taken the difficult decision to temporarily reduce their opening hours. The service has historically operated 07:30-22:00 Monday-Friday, and 08:00-22:00 at weekends.

From the 02/08/21 the service will operate from 08:00-20:00 7 days a week. This will be reviewed on a weekly basis.

We are aware that all services across the health and care system are experiencing significant pressures at present and challenges continue to rise.

The decision by PPG has not been made without significant exploration into alternative options, and liaising with system colleagues for support.

At this juncture the alternative options for patients seeking urgent care during the affected hours include: Pharmacies, 111 Online (or alternatively the 111 telephony service), and the Gosport War Memorial Walk-in Centre.

Plans are in place to stabilise the service and revert to full operating hours as soon as is possible to do so.

13:57:03 - 30.07.2021

A new ICE 2ww Referrals Panel

A new ICE Panel for 2ww referral requests and another for the Rapid Investigation service requests have been set up on HHFT, IoW, PHU and UHS hospital systems.  The use of this 2ww panel is not mandatory; it is to assist GPs request advisory 2ww referral tests, enable timely referrals and support the patient to be sent direct to investigation or avoid unnecessary investigations. These ICE panels should be used in conjunction with the relevant 2wwr form.

This ICE panel communication is not applicable to HIOW practices that refer into Salisbury, Dorset or Frimley hospitals.

During this project consultation, it was noted that some Wessex Cancer Alliance referral forms are due for review. The WCA will lead the review of Prostate, Breast and Colorectal 2ww referral forms and they will ensure that GP’s are fully engaged in the review process. The 2ww ICE panels align with current WCA referral forms; necessary changes to the ICE panel will be made in line with review outcomes if it results in changes to advisory 2ww referral blood requests.

13:54:56 - 30.07.2021

URGENT CASCADE:  C1363 - Letter to Maternity and Primary Care Services on COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy

Please see attached C1363 - Letter to Maternity and Primary Care Services on COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy. This is for onward cascade.

pdf C1363 Vaccination in pregnancy letter 300721 (105 KB)

14:23:09 - 29.07.2021

Changes to centrally supplied HPV vaccine

Please find attached information relating to the planned change to the vaccine supplied for HPV vaccination.

The vaccine supplied for the programme will change from Gardasil® to Gardasil® 9 during the 2021 to 2022 academic year.  PHE will continue to supply vaccine for the HPV programme in the usual way (via ImmForm) and will issue the remaining central supplies of Gardasil® before the switch to Gardasil® 9.

B0779 Changes to the vaccine of the HPV imm prog July2021


14:21:34 - 29.07.2021

GP Fellowship programme

We are re-advertising the GP fellowship scheme which is due to start in September in order to attract anyone who has CCT’d since January 2020 and missed the opportunity to sign up last time and also to ensure it is open to anyone who is CCT’s this summer.  All the information in how to sign up is attached.

If you have any questions about finances and logistics or the details of the programme, please contact below:

Fran White, ICS Programme Manager -  Models of Care, GP Forward View and Personalised Care

NHS Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight CCG This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     tel, 07817307467

document NTP fellowships CPD session dates (13 KB)

HIOW NTP Fellowships Application Form Summer 2021 FINAL

GPs REAP 4 Letter SECAMB and SCAS v2

GP Fellowship 2021 brochure

14:17:58 - 29.07.2021

RVOC-6545: GP REAP 4 Letter from John Black

Please find attached letter from John Black, Medical Director, South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust; Dr Fionna Moore, Executive Medical Director, South East Coast Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust & Vaughan Lewis, Regional Medical Director, NHS England & Improvement South East.

The letter details the Resource Escalation Action Plan (REAP) which has been escalated to level 4 with the likelihood of remaining at this highest level of escalation for several weeks.

Any issues, please email RVOC for assistance.

The Trust is moving to REAP Level 4 extreme pressure 20 July 2021

GPs REAP 4 Letter SECAMB and SCAS v2


06:33:05 - 29.07.2021

Standard Operating Procedure for the Surgical assessment Ambulatory Care Unit (SAUA) at Queen Alexandra Hospital

Please see attached the imbedded Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document that provides guidance for the working process of the Surgical Assessment Ambulatory Care Unit (SAUA). It describes the criteria by which patients are identified as suitable for assessment in SAUA and also details of the referral process.

  • Referrals from GP, SCAS and interdepartmental Clinical Nurse Specialists:
    • 08:00 - 20:00 are accepted via the Surgical Emergency Nurse Practitioner (SENP) carrying Bleep 1407.

20:00 - 08:00 are accepted via the On Call SPR carrying Bleep 1055

document PCCG733 SAUA Standard Operating procedure 2020 final version (142 KB)

06:31:29 - 29.07.2021

July 2021 Patient Safety Update

Note that all practices should now register for the new LFPSE service which has replaced NRLS. Details of how to do so are included in the update.

pdf 20210727 Patient Safety Update July 2021 issue FINAL (157 KB)

06:30:06 - 29.07.2021

BfN Summer Holiday Support Groups

Please find attached details of the Portsmouth Breastfeeding Network current Summer Holiday programme.

document BFN summer holiday programme (364 KB)

06:29:00 - 29.07.2021

Rowlands Pharmacy Consolidation

The CCG has received notification from NHSE PCSE of a consolidation between two branches of Rowlands Pharmacy in the city.  Please see attached for details.

pdf L Rowland Co (Retail) Ltd Consolidation PO2 9JN (136 KB)

11:24:21 - 27.07.2021

Below are details of training opportunities available for GP practice staff.

Please bookmark this page and check regularly for updates.

You will also be alerted to new courses added via the GP Bulletin Primary Care Connect weekly newsletter.


Managing and implementing change and new process
An interactive workshop, exploring aspects of change management. Delivered by the Practice Managers Association. Delivered using MS Teams, this is an interactive session with practical guidance, using case studies to provide good practice tips. Covering how to track and control a change plan, manage people and organisational aspects of change, communicating and selling change to others, recognising why people fear change and react the way they do.

August 30
, 9am to 1pm
September 7, 1pm to 5pm
September 9, 9am to 1pm 
September 30, 9am to 1pm
October 12, 1pm to 5pm
October 27, 1pm to 5pm
November 4, 1pm to 5pm
November 23, 1pm to 5pm
December 1, 9am to 1pm
December 15, 9am to 1pm
January 12, 2022, 1pm to 5pm
January 27, 9am to 1pm
February 2, 1pm to 5pm
February 24, 1pm to 5pm
March 2, 1pm to 5pm
March 3, 1pm to 5pm
March 20, 9am to 1pm
April 13, 1pm to 5pm
May 4, 9am to 1pm
May 25, 1pm to 5pm

Suitable for:
Social prescribers
Practice managers

To book:
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Handling challenging conversations in the workplace
Three-hour Zoom workshop delivered by Warren & Aitchison, to support frontline clerical, admin and reception staff in the development of their skills and approach. This interactive workshop is designed to build ‘muscle memory’ in dealing effectively with situations where emotions are triggered.

September 9
, 9am to 12pm
September 16, 9am to12pm
September 23, 9am to 12pm
September 28, 9am to 12pm
October 7,  9am to 12pm or 1pm to 4pm
October 12, 9am to 12pm or 1pm to 4pm
October 21, 9am to 12pm or 1pm to 4pm
November 2, 9am to 12pm or 1pm to 4pm
November 11, 9am to 12pm or 1pm to 4pm
November 18, 9am to 12pm or 1pm to 4pm
November 23, 9am to 12pm
December 2, 9am to 12pm
December 9, 9am to 12pm
December 16, 9am to 12pm

Suitable for:
GP receptionists
Social prescribers
Practice managers
All practice staff (can be delivered to whole practice as one group)

To book:
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




08:02:07 - 27.07.2021

Updated VITT pathway

Further to previous correspondence regarding the stand down of the current VITT Pathway please see attached the final version.

The pathway includes a requirement for practices to print off the embedded blood request form to accompany blood samples being sent to pathology at QA. This will enable the pathology department to easily identify the VITT requests from other routine blood samples and prioritise these for analysis.

Please also remember that the in-hours the pathology department will be using GP practice bypass numbers to contact practices with any positive results so that patients can be followed up.

The LMC are supportive of this change on the basis that the pathway requirements are followed. The CCGs will continue to monitor the situation so that if there is any feedback that is causing issues then the system will agree to look at this again.   Please would you ensure that any concerns are immediately raised on Quasar.


07:59:07 - 27.07.2021

Weekly MARAC (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference) Notifications

Details of a change to MARAC from fortnightly to weekly.

document Weekly MARAC Notifications (12 KB)

15:15:24 - 23.07.2021

NHS e-Referrals - User research into e-RS specialities and clinic types

The NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) is reviewing the current list of specialties and clinic types. This survey is designed to understand how relevant they are in meeting your day-to-day requirements.

Your response will help us make ongoing improvements to e-RS according to your needs.

Please complete this survey HERE.

Thank you for your time helping with this important piece of work.


With kind regards

Please use the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all queries relating to the NHS e-Referral Service

15:14:00 - 23.07.2021

Update on pressures in advance of weekend

Health and Care Portsmouth are asking local people to think about how community mental health services could look and feel very different. The project aims to make accessing mental health care simpler, smarter and more joined-up, so there is ‘no wrong door’ for getting support. 

Working together with people with lived experience, carers, professionals and anyone else with an interest is vital to help shape and inform services. An event for professionals is being held on Thursday 5 August via Zoom. Find out more and register here or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

15:12:40 - 23.07.2021

National Diabetes Prevention Programme

 Are you involved with referring patients to the Diabetes Prevention Programme? Join this webinar on Tuesday 3rd August at 1-1.45pm.

Register your place here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ingeus-and-the-ndpp-tickets-163032652051

  • Although there is no upper age limit for the programme extra care is taken with patients who are over 80 to make sure the risk / benefit is favourable for referral to a programme likely to result in weight loss. The referral form will be changing with consent tick box for over 80s to reflect this.  For people already on the programme or currently paused or deferred, no retrospective confirmation from General Practice will be required. New referral form will be uploaded to Ardens once available.
  • Please see embedded comms for further updates & information.

document NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme Comms Update final (65 KB)

document National webinar poster 03 08 21 FINAL (4.33 MB)



15:05:15 - 23.07.2021

Microsoft update article – corrected link to instructions for manual installation - please share

Dear All,

It has come to my attention that the link (instructions for manual installation) in the following story from this week’s GP Bulletin, Primary Care Connect, was broken:

To address a critical security issue affecting Windows computers, Healthcare Computing is currently deploying a security update to all computers in practices.

To assist with this, we are asking practices to ensure all workstations are left switched on and logged out overnight on both Wednesday 21 July and Thursday 22 July.

Any laptops in the practice should be left switched on and connected to the practice network using a network cable.
Laptop users at home can manually install the update by following the instructions.

Here is the correct link - https://www.healthcarecomputing.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/HC_HIOW_Manually-installing-20H2.pdf

My apologies for any issues this has caused.

Thank you.

Kind regards

Priya Mistry   
Communications and engagement manager

Working in South East Hampshire/Isle of Wight

NHS Hampshire, Southampton and Isle of Wight CCG

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


19:49:18 - 22.07.2021

COVID-19: management of staff and exposed patients or residents in health and social care settings

Final version of our Portsmouth process for exceptional requests for exemption from isolation for health and social care staff.  This includes primary care commissioned by the CCG too.

document Portsmouth exceptional exemption request for fully vaccinated health and social care staff FINAL (110 KB)

19:48:06 - 22.07.2021

July Newsletter

Please find attached the Portsmouth CCG Safeguarding Team July Newsletter. Included this month:

  • Four important cases brought to the court of protection regarding Covid 19 vaccinations.
  • New regional campaign aimed at children to build digital resilience
  • What is a MARM?
  • Target training – save the date
  • 4LSAB multi agency fire safety framework training
  • Stop domestic abuse – changes in Portsmouth domestic abuse support services

Supporting GPs with regard to child in nee/child protection plans

document July 2021 docx news letter (303 KB)

19:46:36 - 22.07.2021

DESMOND – Diabetes structural education

The Community Diabetes team is now able to offer Face to Face Desmond sessions. These session take place on Fridays at Buckland Community Centre, 9.00am – 3.30pm.

The team will continue to offer MYDesmond online for those who are not able to attend the face to face group session.

MYDesmond will also be offer as a follow up to Desmond face to face sessions.

13:36:42 - 21.07.2021

Cancer Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tool general practice survey

Would you all be able to help cascade a survey among your primary care contacts to help us understand the use of Clinical Decision Support tools for Cancer within general practice. This is to help inform the commissioning decisions within the Wessex Cancer Alliance around CDS tools and whether existing tools are being utilised or not. So far we have had 21 responses across Wessex so we are really keen to increase this.

The survey has now been set live and it is available via this new story on Wessex AHSN site:


There is also attached a jpeg poster that can be shared out that shares the same information and a direct link to the survey (either via the QR code or web-link).

The survey will remain open until 5th August 2021.

image CDS survey (110 KB)  

Victoria Wright

Cancer Research UK


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