Care homes

Conduct your weekly check-in with care homes via Microsoft Teams

Microsoft (MS) Teams is an online collaboration tool from which you’re able to conduct video and audio calls. Many GP practices across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight have already implemented MS Teams for use internally; however some have also started to use it to communicate with other partners, such as care homes. MS Teams is available to care homes as part of the free offer to the NHS in response to Covid-19.

With a renewed focus on care homes and additional requirements placed on primary care, we wanted to remind you of the support available.

If you need support establishing links with care homes via MS Teams, or the care home you work with needs support, the Wessex AHSN Care Homes Team can remotely support you and/or care homes establish processes for communicating, triaging and tracking. The team provides:

  • remote support and training on MS Teams enabling virtual meetings with each other and colleagues in general practice to coordinate COVID-19 response strategies. This includes advice on setting up Microsoft Teams meetings with other NHSmail colleagues;
  • advice and support on the use of RESTORE2;
  • remote support and training on the new local processes being set up to support tele-triage between care Homes and acute services.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has also launched a tele-medicine service for selected care homes

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