Intelligence from HSI CCG CQC inspections

Intelligence from HSI CCG CQC inspections

This document contains useful themes (for shared-learning) from recent CQC inspection within West Hampshire.  The theme includes accessing medical records during inspections, PGD processes, governance, HR processes, medicines management and infection prevention & control.

Please note - QC will now undertake a number of searches remotely; it is therefore important that you are aware of these searches and undertake a review of these prior to a CQC inspection to identify gaps and undertake the actions required.  In many cases these searches will need to be repeated regularly to identify new patients meeting the criteria and there have been cases where practices have been given written warning notices when found not to be undertaking these searches regularly.

The full list of searches can be found here:

document Current CQC intelligence Updated Oct 2021 (49 KB)


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